How To Spend The Weekend Alone

Some people don't enjoy their own company, but I have always been someone that does. I live on my own and I love coming home after a busy day and just chilling out and doing what I want, without having to chat or talk about my day. Plus walking around in Disney PJs isn't everyones cup of tea.... However, now I have gone full time with my blog and my business, I seem to be spending more and more time on my own and starting to go a little stir crazy. Self-Employed life can be fun and great when you can choose your hours, but when I spend all day on my own working, or filming myself, or editing myself or photographing myself, it kind of gets a little boring. Keep reading for my top tips on staying the weekend inside your own home!

I have started to adopt a new schedule, of going to coffee shops and working, because the £3 for an Oatmilk Latte (or two) doesn't seem such a high cost when I get to see the outside world for a few hours. Going back to the gym has also helped me get out of the house, but this is my new weekly routine. So what about the weekends? 

Well I seem to have made a habit of going out every weekend, and after being sent some new high heels and buying various more to fill my new Shoedrobe, my weekend tended to flow into the weeks and everything goes a little fuzzy. So this weekend I decided to spend my time on my own, work and photograph and try and get back to my motivated little self that likes to make pretty pictures with cushions and beauty products. 

Weekends can cause serious FOMO, especially if you like to got out. There's absolutely nothing wrong with partying until the AM every weekend, but sometimes it takes one off to regroup and get back to normal or catch up on sleep or heaven forbid.... READ a little. Lucky for me I was sent some Sparkling Wine from Skyfall, that is actually blue, to spend my weekend with. I of course took lots of pretty photos because, ya know, that's what I planned to do all weekend. But I couldn't help but enjoy the glasses while writing blog posts and editing my video and sitting on the floor in my shoe walk-in because I'm obsessed with it. The sweet taste of the sparkling wine was perfect for accompanying a relaxing night in and I didn't have the urge to go out at all! 

Choose something you miss doing

In our busy lives that are constantly on the move, it can be hard to fit in the fun things. The things that make you, well YOU. If it's reading, or taking a walk in the forest or taking a bath with a nice Lush bath bomb. Whatever it is, just schedule it into the weekend and trust me the satisfaction of being able to enjoy your time will soothe the itch of wanting to party. 

Tidy your space

Making somewhere clean and comfortable makes it much easier to spend your time there. If I have a nice and tidy, clean home I am way more likely to enjoy spending my time there instead of escaping to somewhere else. Put on some nice candles, or fluff those cushions and give the whole place a hoover, be it your room in a shared place or your own apartment. Tidy space - tidy mind.

Get something good to eat and drink

Going out for dinner is a habit we can all say gets too much sometimes. Those takeaways from UberEats all add up and going to Nandos three nights a week might reduce washing up but they sure are reducing your bank balance too. Cooking can be therapeutic, but if it's not your thing, why not try something like the M&S meal deal. Easy and quick but much cheaper than a takeaway or a meal out. As well as the fact you can eat in your PJ's. 

If alcohol is something you enjoy, why not buy a bottle of your favourite and enjoy some with the food (responsibly please people). Or if you feel like pushing the boat out, try my new favourite - Skyfall.

So what will you be doing this weekend? Give yourself some R&R and enjoy a weekend in, and if you give Skyfall a try, let me know what you think!

Pssttt... If you need an UberEats code, use mine 'southamptongirl' for £5 off your first two meals!