City Style Guide: A Busy 24 Hour Day in Missguided

So I'm someone who finds dressing themselves extremely hard. I always scroll through drool worthy outfits on Instagram, wishing I had that much poise and put-it-together power, but somehow when I get up in the morning I end up reaching for the same pair of jeans and trusty 'nice top' (after trying on 4 others already). It's something about the impending time restraint and work deadlines that cloud my apparel choices and makes me wish I had the 'Clueless' wardrobe that dressed me, without me having to think about it. 

So I decided to pick some outfits for a (busy I'll admit) 24 hours. I also decided to stick to one brand. Missguided. They have such a wide range of clothes and I think a 24 hour day is easy to style with their extensive and pretty damn sexy offerings. Normally my working day starts with checking my emails, making sure all of my clients' posts are going out okay, and working on my own blog posts. I'm often sat at my desk for long periods of time and although this does not require a huge amount of sass, it's still nice to feel comfortable and like I look relatively good. 

I slip into my Grey Lounge Set, a steal at just £20, and these leggings are so comfy but stylish, it really gets me into the 'Girlboss' mood. I'll go through everything, maybe sip one too many cups of coffee with coconut or almond milk. Slumping around the house like a gremlin (blog and freelance life is so glam sometimes ooohh) in my LOVE Sliders. I'm obsessed with sliders, so comfy yet somehow so chic. Mainly so comfy though. 

Then I'm ready for a meeting. A lot of my clients are in Southampton city center so I'll get spruced up, look more human and head off to meet them. Even though behind closed doors I don't mind being a slob, as soon as it comes to leaving the house I like to look the best possible, not always achieved but I try, don't judge.  

Something classy, that says I mean business but I'm also cool as fuck. Flared trousers (yes they are from Zara but I needed to pair the blouse) and my metallic top that's actually listed as a Rose Gold Blazer but I like it as a top on its own. My style has changed so much and a few years ago I would have turned up in a vintage shirt and some kind of strange tartan trousers. But times have changed and I have evolved, as has my choice in tops (and clearly tartan to flamenco style trousers). 

After my meetings and already a day of scheduling work, doing invoices and writing press releases and invites, to blow off steam I used to go to the gym. Now I haven't had a gym membership for a while now but I can wait to get back into it from next week. 

A Logo Crop Top. Something that can go over a sports bra (as I kind of need the extra cushion for the pushin on the running machine!) but still looks stylish. I mean I like looking like I've just stepped out of a Nike commercial but when I'm not feeling in the best shape, something more understated is good. I'm also considering styling it with super high waist leggings or jeans for a chilled trip to the nail salon or shopping with the girls. Sports Luxe attempts at its best. 

Last but not least, I'm well known to make a spontaneous trip for a glass of wine or a cocktail that turns into a 3am taxi home and a headache the day after whilst looking at my laptop screen. But you know what they say - balance is ehm ..... key. 

I spend a little more time dressing myself when I go out, to make a little more of an effort in another attempt to look good. This outfit is pretty sassy though and I'm proud of this one. The Faux Leather Trousers are honestly some of the coolest things I've ever worn. The waist comes up high enough but is thin enough to be flattering, and paired with the Lace Bodysuit I'm onto a killer. And I'll probably climb home into bed and chuck on an old t-shirt to sleep in if I'm honest! 

I was surprised how easy it was with a little bit of thought to kit out a whole day of outfits and a jam packed day at that, with just one brand. Maybe I'll start to plan them a day in advance to remove the brain dead choosing at 7am .....

The clothes were kindly gifted by Missguided but not for the purpose of the post, this was an experiment I wanted to try!