Shedding Skin For September Beginnings

I hate Summer. 

There I said it. And I know there will be so many of you curling your toes at that but I do and it's a fact and I'm already planning how to put up my Christmas decorations even though it's September and I'm not ashamed. 

Winter is my favourite season, but better yet September is my favourite month. Funnily enough nothing to do with Christmas, but everything to do with the change of season. Do you remember those days where you would get ready to go back to school or college and the air would change and things would feel like a new start? Well that never went away for me. Even now when it gets to this time of year I feel like I'm shedding a years worth of skin and working towards something new. For so long I have felt a little stuck with recent choices I've made, or things I've decided to do or not do, and this can be a little suffocating. But because September is like my New Years I can get rid of all those feelings and go into a new era with a fresh mindset. 

I have my own business (and if you want to know what I do everyday read here just minus the 9-5 part) and although I love it and I wouldn't change it for the world, it can get a little lonely. I feel isolated, while everyone else is at work I'm slumming in my PJ's working from home. Which isn't all bad but sometimes I lack human contact for like 3 days which turns me into a crazy person. So when a friend mentioned a vacancy at the Jack Wills store in town I jumped at it, aced the interview and secured the job. And by the time you're reading this I've basically started!! Just a few days a week to fill up some hours and get me out of the house a little, and I'm loving it. This was just something else that really instilled the feeling of a fresh start this month. 

I'm feeling fresher, more motivated and another reason is that I bought this fancy new iMac with guess what .... dan dan daaaaann .... money that I actually SAVED!! I never save money!! And low and behold I managed to buy a 1 year old second hand fancy iMac. I can now properly edit my Youtube Videos and edit photos and just work more efficiently. As well as this I also have a beautiful new White Manfrotto Tripod (that I ordered online because they didn't have white in store and I'm fussy) so that I can film more and feel more comfortable Vlogging. Plus I have a brand new book 'Overnight Success' on my bedside table ... I think I'm feeling the white don't you? 

So theres lots that's going on and I'm just feeling a little bit more like me again. I hope you're enjoying September so far too.


Black Tripod (white sold out here):
White Tripod: