Starting A Morning Routine

I've never been a morning person, but after watching some 'How To' Youtube videos, I realised the importance of actually putting some effort into becoming an early riser. I love staying up late to watch movies or Netflix or my favourite vloggers but it tends to take a toll on the body and somehow I'm stuck with a late night owl body clock when I would much rather be up at 6am everyday. Believe you me I am not one of those lucky people that can survive off next to no sleep so my 7 hours a night is necessary. However I also cannot get out of the habit of working late into the night as this seems to be when I'm most productive, so I have devised a little routine to see if I can conquer my body and go forth into the world of 6am wake-ups.

Completing my To-Do list:

I have started to realise that I stay up late into the evening doing work when I should probably clock off at least two hours before I try to go to bed. This way my brain is calm and I can think about rainbows or shoes or something instead of stressing about work or life stuff while I'm trying to rest. This has led me to splitting up my to-do list into days and making sure I stick to it (wherever I can) so that I have segmented my days into what needs to be done, and not worrying about everything all at once.

|| Photo: SheerLuxe ||


I don't have the biggest appetitive and have been fighting that first meal of the day for a good few years as I am just never ever hungry in the mornings. But I have also realised that in order to actually survive the morning productively and not feel drained, breakfast is important. Making sure that I have things in the house for the morning means I'll be more likely to grab it and making sure it's things I actually like, not a fad I'm trying to make myself like. I am also back to making my healthy smoothies everyday, which in turn makes my diet and my skin much better for the health benefits. Add in some coffee and there you have it, my morning breakfast routine!


I take care of my skin but albeit its not actually that great, and I guess I just haven't found my mojo with it. But things like fitness and swimming make a difference (packs gym bag) and normally I forget to go, but I have to work it into the day, to help me sleep at night and also improve my fitness and skin. Then testing out some new cleansers or serums should all have a positive effect, but for now I'll use my face scrub and L'Oreal Toner and Clay Mask.

How are you making your mornings enjoyable?

Let me know! We can share all the tips of how to be a morning riser! 

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