The Grass Isn't Always Greener

In this day and age of technology, photography and social media it's very hard to tell the difference between what is real life and what is just for show. Some things can look amazing in a photo but secretly everything is dull and boring. Relationships, friendships, whole lifestyles being fabricated to make you believe they are better than they are. A caption that says " Me and my love" when in reality there was a 3 hour argument and you've just made up. What makes it so difficult is that no one is open to admitting the bad times (unless to your best friend after a few glasses of wine) so we are all stuck in this cycle of fake perfection. 

Now this is not a rant about social media however, it's just a though process into how things always look like they will be better a different way, when actually they may not. A better job, a better house, a better boyfriend, outfit or car or birthday present. In truth, the car may be crappy to drive, the boyfriend may only buy flowers when he's wrong, the job may be stressful and the house might be scary at night. Honestly no one ever really knows and we created this augmented reality that has flowers and roses to make others feel bad about themselves, in order to make yourself feel better about something that might suck. 

I often find myself looking at other women on YouTube or Instagram, or even in the street and thinking 'I wonder how she got 'there' and maybe I can too' ... even though I'm not really sure what 'there' even is. Is it the time you start to feel satisfied that you've achieved an image of yourself in your head? The truth is than no one wants to be forgotten. Everyone wants to be remembered and adored and loved in some way or another and so we have to look after ourselves in the fact that not everyone's the same. Just because the job might suck for you, someone else could spend hours doing it, in which case they would be fulfilled. But don't spend forever looking for a certain perfection that doesn't exist. Love as hard or as little as you want. Work as much or as lazy as you like and don't change for anyone. Just don't complain or compare if you aren't willing to go to the same lengths. 

I always envied other girls wardrobes and came to the conclusion I hated mine because it was all old to me. Someone else would find new joy in the clothes, just not me. So I invested in this outfit from Zara and wore it two days in a row. Feeling like a total sass-pot of course. 

And there you have it. My ramblings on my current feelings of social media, comparison and green grass.