Not Just For Christmas - With Goldsmiths

Christmas gifts can be extremely difficult to find. You want to make someone feel special, but also not over-buy or get something they don't actually want. Asking what they want is a little annoying because then they know what they get or it takes away the fun of a surprise. So where does that leave us? Maybe here is a good place to start ......

A beautiful, sparkly store on the first floor of West Quay contains the majority of the things you need to dazzle and delight this Christmas. Goldsmiths has an array of jewellery for men and women, and a huge range of designer watches. I was in my element, surrounded by diamonds and greeted with a glass of Champagne, I felt like a complete princess! 

I was shown some of the Christmas collection, which by the way has up to 50% off (shock!). I found a few things i wanted, but nothing that I would probably wear all the time on top of what I have. I am also probably not in a position to spend £1000 on someone for Christmas so I decided to see what I could get for around the £250 mark, and I wanted this to be a little more affordable. Basically, what can you get your loved one for £250. The thing I love the most about jewellery as gifts is that it's not just for Christmas, you can keep it and wear if for the rest of your life if you wish! 

I decided to explore a bit and kind of fell into the Gucci section... which if I'm honest I didn't know existed in Goldsmiths. There were so many watches that were beautiful, but I have had my dream watch for a couple of years and wouldn't change it any time soon. So I decided so go over to the Gucci jewellery and low and behold there was just too much to choose from. I tried on a few necklaces and held up a couple of pairs of earrings, but after a while deliberating (and the very helpful sales assistant) I ended up choosing some beautiful costume earrings. 

They sort of reminded me of something you would wear with an LBD to a Gala or events, but ones that can also be worn during the daytime or just to dinner if you're feeling a little bit fancy. They were right on the money at £245, which I don't think is too bad for these beautiful floral and pearl earrings. She wrapped them all nicely and I was giddy with thinking about when I would get to wear them! 

I had such a great experience in Goldsmiths and the customer service is impeccable, allocating someone to helping you find the perfect gift, even if you aren't spending thousands, which as much as most of us would like to it's not always possible! 

Thank you so much to Goldsmiths for giving me a wonderful experience and I can't wait to go back and get some more sparkly jewellery for me or for loved ones, I am addicted and already have my eyes on some more things.... 

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These earrings were cited for the purpose of this review, and to show you what you can get in hope this helps you in your Christmas Shopping! All views and opinions are my own!