Christmas At COSMO Southampton

Celebrating their 1st Anniversary and the launch of their Christmas favourites, I went down to COSMO in West Quay and had the chance to eat all of their delicious food! I have been here before, and previously went to their launch party a year ago and love the huge range of quality food. The general feeling about an all you can eat buffet is that the food quality goes down, but that is not and has not ever been the case with COSMO. Omar (the manager) welcomed us in with open arms and Prosecco (amazing) and seated us as the table. We went as a group of bloggers and we were all absolutely starving! 

For the first course, I raided the sushi section, then added some Edamame Beans (my absolute favourites) with some duck pancakes. I also added some Chilli Chicken (trust me I 100% recommend this one!!!) and Chinese noodles and the plate was complete! For the second plate, I opted for the pizza, which was actually some of the best pizza I have ever tasted, with stringy cheese and so many toppings. I also went with the strange mix of a yorkshire pudding from their brand new Christmas section and a bit of veg! 

The thing I love about this place is when it comes to food, I eat what I fancy and sometimes that is a strange mix. So instead of only having to choose one thing, I am able to choose literally everything I fancy and nothing I don't! Everything from vegetables, to fish and chips and oh the Mozzarella balls were just DIVINE.

I had such a good time at COSMO and absolutely love the food there. I am such a picky eater when it comes to quality and I wouldn't normally go to a buffet, but this one ticks all the boxes! They are now one of the most popular restaurants (by fact) in the new West Quay development and I can understand why! Although it may not be a fancy schmancy kind of place, it's great for families and big groups and also people that just cannot decide what they want to eat!

Thank you so much to COSMO! I'll literally be back this weekend!! Thank you to Omar and the team and hopefully I'll see you dining there soon too ......

Find their website here:

The food was complimentary as part of a blogger event with other local writers taking part too. All opinions and food tasting was my own!


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