Date Nights In A Box - LOVEDROP

Being in relationships isn't something that comes easy to a lot of people, and I'm one of those people. I managed to have a long 2-year co dependancy a few years back but have never managed to cling to the fantasy of a dreamy relationship. Mostly dating what you would call 'fuckboys' and people that are nowhere near the calibre I would want them to be. And that's okay, because I might not be all they want a girlfriend to be, so it works both ways. But after dating someone for 3 months, I know the fizzle can disappear quite fast. 


I love the idea of keeping something alive especially when you know you both want to be in it. But what happens when the fizzle goes and you get into the habit of slobbing out watching Netflix and eating pizza? Don't get me wrong there's absolutely nothing wrong with that. But sometimes it's nice to put in a little effort to make it more special. Thats where Love Drop comes in. The UK's first Date Night subscription box with all the sass of exciting sex lives and a little touch of love in there too. 

The box is filled with exciting things for you both to share as a couple (bra, popcorn or tiny hearts, shoe and lipgloss not included they just looked nice added on). In each box you get:

So in my box, I got a mini chargeable Lelo NEA 2 vibrator, Melt Joy Candle, Divine Chocolate bar, Lelo Hex Condoms and Personal Moisturiser (lube, I told you my nan should stop reading) and Love drop own goodies. The flash cards give you imaginative ways to spice up the relationship, until you get your next box and can enjoy some fresh ideas. I think the discreet way in which the parcel is delivered is great for couples that don't want their neighbours to know what they get up to, or even if you have kids and just don't want them to see.

Although I am now back into single life, and have no-one to share the box with, it is absolutely great for couples and I cannot recommend it enough. It's a luxury, but one that is appreciated and can be treasured to make you that little bit closer. I guess mine will just sit there for a little longer... 

Get £5 off your first box with code LAUNCH17 and see what you think! 

Find their website here: LoveDropUK

This box was gifted for review purposes but all opinions are my own.