Finding My Second Home - A New Gym

So it's that time of the year again when everyone takes up a gym membership and wants to get in shape for summer. This time I WILL keep up my fitness goals! Now I'm aware I am not a marshmallow, but I am also aware I am no Carly Rowena so it's definitely time to get back into the gym. 

I have flitted around a few different places, last year I kicked off 2017 at Virgin but it then changed to a David Lloyd and the long bus journeys for me made it less enjoyable. This is what I learned from last year, if you really want to make a habit of something then you have to make it easy enough for you  to WANT to do it. If you sign up to a gym but it takes you forever to get there, you won't go. Simple. If you say you're going to eat healthy but never have time to cook then you won't do it. Simple! When the new Harbour Hotel was built, I saw the designs for the gym and spa and just immediately though it would be the most amazing place to go.

Where I work from home (and probably like a lot of other people) home is not really a chilled place for me. I have all my equipment, my desk is a few steps away from my sofa and my bed is a hop skip and a jump away from impending emails and invoices not yet sent. So this leads me to having nowhere to really really chill out. I used to love my old gym but it just wasn't as chilled as I would have liked. THIS place on the other hand is like another world. I can turn off my phone, tuck into a good motivational book and just BE. I can sweat it out in the gym and listen to angry music and come out feeling like everything negative or stressful is just ... well.. gone. I'll then take myself for a swim and chill in the jacuzzi, finishing it off with a steam and sauna if I'm really treating myself. 

I have learned a few new workouts from Instagram (don't laugh it works) and I had my induction with the insane trainer at The Southampton Harbour Hotel. Within the 30 minute induction and only a few exercises I was aching all over. The burn was real! He showed me a few different ones I can put into my routine so that I can fit them into my workouts and change it up each time. I normally get nervous going into new gyms and dealing with my anxiety makes it a whole lot worse when going into new spaces. But this was different, I was immediately comfortable and everyone was friendly. Even simply a 'Hi' in the changing rooms makes such a difference from the normal bustle of an overcrowded gym. The sheer luxury of this place (without a ridiculous price tag) makes it just a sanctuary for me and everyone else that attends. 

If I'm honest, I'm now there so much people have suggested I may as well move in...... 

If you ever can't find me, it's probably because I'm in the swimming pool or busting out squats to J-Hus in the weights area! If your new years resolution was to live a healthier lifestyle and take more time for yourself, I highly recommend coming here. 

Want to join me? Quote 'Southampton Girl' to receive a discounted membership – email for more info and to join.

Find the Southampton Harbour Hotel website and Spa Membership here:

*Gym Membership compensated but all reviews and Instagram story lusting is my own! Trust me I LIVE there!