Whiter Than White - Reflecting For 2018

Is it just me or does it feel like January has been going on forever? I found a little meme on Instagram today that said "when did we get to January 74th" and I felt it was very apt to my life right now. Working on my own business makes it even harder to keep the reins on money and make sure that I don't overspend or spend too much on Starbucks before the end of the month. But one thing I do not need to splurge on is my teeth. For once, they are actually doing okay!

I drink a lot of coffee, I drink a lot of red wine, and although I should know better and not drink them without a straw my teeth have held up extremely well during the Christmas (and coffee fuelled January) season. If you have read my blog before you may remember when I teamed up with Enlighten Smiles and Dentistry @ Oceana Boulevard to try out the whitening kit. I was apprehensive but it worked such a treat and my teeth have been so white since.

The start of a new year is always a good time to reflect on what you have achieved the last year, as well as anything that has changed or improved since you last took account. 

For example, I advanced in my business and managed to buy a new piece of equipment so that I could improve my productivity and workflow. I also explored so many different beauty treatments and food places and got to relax at an amazing spa amongst many other opportunities. 

I had my wisdom tooth removed which was unpleasant but my private dentist made everything bearable, had my teeth filed to make them more in line and also whitened with one of the best treatments I've ever seen. You can read the full review of the whitening treatment here, but what I am preaching about today, is how amazing they still look! I still get compliments on how white and glowing my teeth look and the best thing is that if I ever wanted to give them another little blast with the product, I got to keep my moulds and can just buy the gel and protective toothpaste to do it again. Although I actually haven't found the need to do so ....

They have a ridiculously good offer on at the moment as well! Give it a go and see the amazing results for yourself! 

See their website page HERE and make sure you book in BEFORE JANUARY 31st to SAVE £300! 

Attend a free whitening consultation before the end of January 2018 and pay only £299 for this treatment rather than £599!