Life Spring Cleaning: My Tips!

As I sit and write this, the weather is fighting itself on being sunny or rainy, or both at the same time. English weather is always unpredictable, but the way it has been with snow and now sun has dishevelled everyone on how we feel about Spring and what month we think it is. Spring is a time when you clean and improve and prepare for the Summer days and hotter working weeks. It smells, looks and feels like a new beginning and perhaps we shake off anything that may have stunted us in the start of the 'New Year'. 

So far this year I have achieved so so much more than I thought I ever would have. I bought my first car, and a dream first car too, and have been progressing at a good pace in my driving lessons. These only slowed by my lack of time to actually fit them in (life). I wrote myself a 12 month plan in January at a Dowhatulove workshop and have managed to smash my targets by April, with just a little more positivity and working with opportunities I get instead of finding ways to not take them. I've completely changed my energy and my life has changed accordingly. 

So what can I now improve for the next 12 months? And how will I 'Spring Clean' for the coming months?

As I move into a new phase of my life, I need to think of ways to improve on what I have already improved on, as there is no point in getting comfortable! 

Continue Being Kind

Something that I have really changed is how much I judge and how I view other people. So many of us are dealing with things that we couldn't possible tell anyone about or show on a day to day basis, but it doesn't mean they aren't there, so being kind and taking this into account is the best way to be. Those little acts of kindness or even a smile could really make someones day, and vice versa when you're not feeling great either!


Even down to the little things, I need to maximise my time. I still can't drive myself around so taking the bus and making sure I have enough time to get places is a priority. I haven't had much time to get to my well loved gym, but I know that once I've figured out a new routine for all of my new ventures to fit into, I can get back into it. As well as food shopping which I now do online and it turns up to my door!

A simple Wardrobe

Since the year started, I have really tried to pay more attention to what I wear and how I style myself, right down to my makeup. But there are still some areas I'm not great at, like accessorising. I have gotten better and have featured jewellery recently but I'm still learning to work it into my daily life. That's why I've fallen in love with these pieces from Kaytie Wu. Rushing around is hard work especially when trying to think about styling, so a few statement or staple items make it easier for me to quickly pop it on. The jewellery comes with a certificate of authenticity and tells you exactly what is in it and how it's been made. It tells you how to clean it and these gorgeous little Solo studs even come with their own cleaning cloth. They sparkle so much and catch the eye, without being too much for a daily pair. 

I also love matching sets a LOT and this circular set makes me think of Spring, in a kind of 'infinity circle' kind of way. I always seem to pick things with circles! The earrings hang a little lower than the lobe but not too much to make them more than a stud and best of all they only a crazy bargain at £16!! The matching Circle necklace can be worn with or without them (also a steal at only £22) and I think I'll try layering it next time too.....

So there's my tips for how to Spring clean more than just your kitchen sink! How is your year going so far and what will you change?

Find the website here: Kaytie Wu

And their Instagram here: @kaytiewu

The jewellery was gifted for review purpose but all views are my own