Second Base to Home Run

Simply put, a home run is sexual intercourse.

That's exactly it. In all its anticlimax a lot of the time, just intercourse. But when you're with someone you love it's a whole different experience right? Bingo. And it should be treated entirely different. With the utmost respect of what they want and care about, as well as the time and effort to try new things and explore. I was lucky enough to receive the first LoveDrop box (see here) a few months ago, and to my surprise, another one turned up in the post... lucky me! Except this time ... I'm even more single. (Explicit ish content below)(and no I'm not naked in any of the photos before you get any ideas).

But not to worry, I imagine a lot of you aren't and I hopefully won't be for the entirety of my life so let's get into the box eh. This time, the toys delivered are something I wouldn't have considered buying ever in a store. Partly because they look kind of scary, but after further inspection, they are not scary at all. The Clio Love Balls (look the scariest) are based on pleasure and although I have not tried them, they are made for the woman to wear internally, to stimulate desire and vibrations. Maybe on my next night out.... kidding....?

The Hera Cock Ring whilst kind of self explanatory, is actually different to what I expected. It has a very much jelly like substance to the rubber I'm guessing for easier application but it uses touch sensitive vibes, so it will only vibrate when in contact with the skin. In the last box I also received a couple of testers for the Lelo personal moisturiser but in this box.... well I have a whole bottle ...... 

As well as the more explicit gifts, you also get a couple of cute things to give it the 'date night vibe' that it really is intended for. Couples need time together and even from past experience I know how hard it can be to deviate from the usual slouch on the couch with Match of the Day (ugh) in the background. The "Reasons Why I Love You" cards help you create a little gift for your partner, and take the time to make it meaningful while they do the same for you, just make sure you write nice things, no joking around! The LoveDrop prompt cards also make another appearance in this box, with all new ideas of new positions to try as well as other ideas for how you can treat your parter randomly too. Chocolate is also a staple of a date night and this Milk Choc & Pink Himalayan Salt bar is also Vegan too! So even less guilt!

I am so grateful to have received another box and I STILL highly recommend it to anyone out there in a couple that wants to try something new. It's only £45 every two months and with the code APRIL18 you can get £5 off your first box. It's really worth the investment into your personal life as it matters more than you think! Sign up to get your hands on the next box with contents worth over £75.......

Find their website here: LoveDropUK

This box was gifted for review purposes but all opinions are my own.