Luxury, Delicious and Vegan: The Body Shop

What's that incredible smell?! This is normally the response every time you walk past The Body Shop in West Quay, or The Body Shop anywhere for that matter. They are well known for their classic and fruitful fragrances as well as their extremely high priority ethics on the environment and cruelty free cosmetics. I was invited down to the store in West Quay Southampton for a mini evening of pampering and some insight into their new products and collections.

We started off with a nice glass of fizz and were all having a nosy around the store, then listening to the team talk about all of the great work that TBS are doing now and have done in previous years. Within the whole business, 60% of their products are Vegan which is such an amazing achievement, they also never test on animals and use sustainably sourced ingredients, so you're basically using guilt free products! They have also been working on a huge campaign to fight animal testing in the House of Commons and need every single signature to get to 5 million, for a successful push into law enforcement (Sign the petition here: 

I had no idea that they had so many cosmetic products to start off with, and now they are upping their skincare game with the Oils of Life Revitalising Cleanser, an absolute game changer! Nourishing and smoothing the skin, I will definitely enjoy using this on my face every morning as I'm a big fan of wash-off cleanser. They have also introduced their Spa range, the most luxurious they have every done, and I can see why it's a big hit. We got to choose our scents for the scrub, oil and moisturiser and had a wonderful hand/arm massage in store. I then had my skin tested for hydration and sebum and they both came out pretty good! (48% hydration I think which is ideal, maybe just 2/3% undernourished, he told me to use a primer as well as moisturiser as a base for my make up). I then had my makeup touched up with their foundations and I was very pleasantly surprised! It matched exactly to my skin tone and actually gave a pretty decent coverage too.

In keeping with their classic products, they have also included new scents in the shower gel and body lotion and lucky for me they included one in the goody bag! The strawberry scent is just too tasty, almost good enough to eat. I am also obsessed with bath bombs (you'll know if you've ever watched my Instagram story) and finally TBS have introduced their own mini bath bombs! Tiny little love heart shaped ones with of course all of the flavour you could imagine.

I am so thankful to have been invited down to the store and I will be using my face cleanser and body lotion to keep me smelling fruity all throughout the day! 

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