Brunch in Mauritius: Lakaz Maman

It's a pretty rainy Spring here in Southampton and to be honest it doesn't look like summer is coming anytime soon. But that's not to say I can't enjoy a taste of it and pretend it's not snowing or raining outside ..... 

I was invited to the Soton Bloggers x Lakaz Maman blogger brunch and it was so so amazing. We had a pre-selected menu to choose our breakfast from (the same as the normal breakfast menu really) and I decided to go for the Breakfast Torpedo, which sounded insane:

Breakfast Torpedo
Turkey bacon, chicken sausages, Mauritian salsa, breakfast muffin and a fried egg

We all sat down along the table, with such sunny decoration. The bright walls and all the photos just make it feel so homey but like you're on holiday at the same time. I reviewed some dishes from the normal menu here, but this time it was brunch time! We had flowers and leaves on the table to give the proper holiday feel and all sat round catching up before drooling when the plates started coming out. 

Pictured above were the meals the other girls had, that also looked just as good mine. Unfortunately they didn't let me try them as they were that tasty but I'll definitely be back to try the other ones! 

Cinnamon Toast with Coconut & Tropical Fruits
with a healthy dose of salted caramel sauce

Tropical Granola
Pineapple, Coconut and Pistachio. Can be made Vegan and on request. 

The Breakfast Torpedo was the kind of meal I love for brunch. I'm more of a savoury kind of girl so this was the one for me, with Chicken Sausages that were divine and Turkey Bacon I just couldn't get enough of. I'm also not normally a 'muffin' fan but the ratio of filling to bread made it all worth it. The salsa gave it a little fresh sweeter taste to it that went well with the rest of the dish. I genuinely enjoyed every bite!

Head down to Lakaz Maman for some brunch, or how about an evening meal for something different? They are also on Deliveroo too!

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Find my Youtube Video of the Brunch here: COMING SOON