The Good, The Bad, The Ralphy

Designer bags can be somewhat of a to-do when it comes to conversation. Some might say it’s an investment, others might say it’s a necessity and there are those few that would say it’s ridiculous to spend thousands on a handbag, but we don’t associate with those types because who needs that kind of negativity in their life. 

I’ve owned many a designer bag over the years, and still do and hope to purchase many many more. Some for a more reasonable amount and some that surpass the price of my laptop (verging ridiculous) but what is the real value?

Ralph Lauren is a quintessentially English brand and has been the poster polo player for a preppy, sports luxe look, but also has those coveted pieces for daily wear. Prices range and so does my collection, so I thought I would compare them here, where I can be brutal and honest but also full of praise.

First is the horse-shoe chain printed tote bag, purchased from TkMaxx for roughly £100. I loved this bag because you can pretty much fit everything but your bathtub in here (probably even the kitchen sink) and it still looks like a great bag. It has a sophisticated inner print and it’s so casual-chic you can put it with a scruffy outfit and it will immediately improve it. Although I had nothing but praise at the time of purchase plus around a year, this bag is not one for a long term investment. The print has started to fade where it rubs against your clothes and now the back is completely a different colour to the front. The handles have started to come away on the back but it’s still very useable. It will just not wear as good as you might think, but then again, it was only £100. 

Second up is the pearly structured tote bag, so simple and classic it will make your Aunts pearls look like mentos mints. The gold plaques holding down the handles add that extra luxury and it fits just as much inside as the other tote so that’s fabulous. At £130 (also a TkMaxx bargain) it feels more luxury than the last and definitely wears better. The pearlescent is just a good as it was around a two years ago so this one is a good investment for a mid range bag. Printed Ralphy's might not be the one, but this one ticks all the boxes.

The third and final (masterpiece) bag is a grey suede bucket bag, a cost price of £309 so a little more on the upper end. This was purchased from Bicester, every girls dream shopping village, and i immediately fell in love with it. It feels like that soft blanket you have when you're little except I can put all my junk in it and be on my way. I like to pair this with a casual day outfit as it just makes the whole thing look a little more Paris-chic without being too over the top. 

So which one is your favourite and which one would you purchase if you did? I'm not sure I'd buy another Ralphy bag based on my experience, so maybe it's time to explore another designer .....