What Is Luxury To You?

Luxury is defined by many things. Personal opinion, different lifestyles or circumstances and also what 'society' classes as a luxury. But how do you determine the things you couldn't live without as opposed to the things you'll do every once in a while? For example some people would see getting your nails done a 'luxury' but I am in that salon without fail every 3-4 weeks and have been for the last 5 years, as that to me is part of me and my personality and something I would rather not live without. 

Some things with me still stay a great luxury too though, for example spa days, eating out, buying expensive handbags or shoes and most definitely having a massage. That silky skin feeling after all the oils have been worked into your skin, and the foggy head you have after you come out of the treatment too, it just screams luxury and special to me. But what I didn't realise, is that it can be the same price as a dinner out or maybe even less. You see even though it could be a little more on the pricey side, it's that complete restoration you need to get back to full capacity. Like a Sim filling up their 'relaxation' tab in the game, but instead you're taking care of yourself not just a virtual character. 

My second home is the Harbour Hotel and Spa and as I am a gym member there, I thought it a good idea to try out a massage and get my bar back up to full. 

They have a few different massage options, among many other treatments, so I decided to go for the ESPA personalised massage, full body. Read more below...

I got to choose the oil used for my massage, and the therapist popped a little bit of each one on my hand and let me smell it to see which I felt more relaxed with. The choices were the Fitness Oil (mainly used for the harder massages) and the Soothing Body Oil (more relaxing). I had asked her to use a lot of pressure as where I work at a desk and I hadn't had a massage for a while my back was pretty tight! But I gravitated more towards the soothing oil, so she popped this in a hot steaming bowl and placed it under the bed where my face peeps through. 

She then began working from my head to toe, including my neck, my hands, fingers, legs and arms and really released  some of the tension that I had clearly been carrying around. The soothing soundtrack made it all the more relaxing and the aroma of the oil, I was in heaven. My 60 minute massage felt amazing, it didn't go too fast either and I was the right amount of 'relaxed' when it ended. 

I had some pointers for after - Drink plenty of water, rest as much as possible (not complaining) and to keep my muscles warm. All of that sounds easy enough! The massage just revitalised me and I felt so free to move my limbs without clicking afterwards. 

My therapists' name was Heather, so if you like a more firm massage then ask for her! She definitely knows what she's doing. 

Maybe I'll make this a once-every-two-month kind of thing? I think we all forget to pamper ourselves sometimes and this can be a great way to spend an afternoon or evening recuperating. 

And just because you deserve a treat, I teamed up with the hotel to give you 15% off your treatment!! Just mention 'Southampton Girl' when you book to receive your discount, and relax and enjoy! (Offer available Tuesday - Thursday and they treat up until 8pm)

How will you relax this month? 

Book into the Spa here: https://www.harbourhotels.co.uk/hotels/southampton/spa/treatments/

Follow their Instagram here: https://www.instagram.com/southamptonharbourhotel/

The massage was gifted for the purpose of this review, but all vies and words are my own