A Home Away From Home

Sometimes it doesn't matter where you live, it's just nice to spend a night away from home and relax. Holidays are great but not all of us get to have them a lot of the time. When you have a busy life it's nice to have places to go to work, to chill out or to stay even just for one night. And if you're away on business? An even better chance to 'live' somewhere for a night or a few just to feel less like you're away from home. 

Room2 Hometel in Southampton opened a couple of weeks ago and I have to say the whole concept blew me away. A 'home away from home' (or just down the road for me) with it's own kitchen, bedroom and living room is just what the blogger ordered and I enjoyed it beyond belief. I had spent some time working in their cafe and working space and was then invited to the opening launch to stay. The first of it's kind in the world, Room2 offers rooms that not only have comfortable beds but also a TV with Chromecast, a kitchen and a breakfast situation that doesn't require you to be there within set times. 

A 24 hour turnover means you can come and go when you please and I promise you won't feel like you're in a hotel. More like a swanky London cafe with bedrooms. 

AND OH BY THE WAY - did I tell you you're room key is .... your PHONE!!!

The launch consisted of speeches by the architect, the Southampton Mayor, the managers and the founders as well as Gin from a local distillery and cocktails. I even got to make my own waffle!! We had a treasure hunt around the rooms and got to see what they looked like, as well as then being able to go upstairs and sink into one of their sensational beds. 

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It feels less like a hotel and more like a dorm with friendly staff, a gym and your own laundry facilities. The kitchen allows you to comfortably make your own food which is great when you're sticking to a meal plan or just prefer your own cooking and it feels like a little sanctuary, the only thing missing is the resident puppy, which by the way you can bring your own if you come in for chilled drinks (yeah!). 

I applaud the whole team having come up with this concept and I'm so happy we have this in Southampton, another reason for me to be proud to live in this city. I imagine I'll be spending a few random nights here when I just want a different setting, and I'll be working in their Living Room with lots of coffee to pass the day doing my work. WAY better than sitting in Pret! 

Thankyou so much to the team for letting me stay and I cannot praise this place enough. If you want my advise, go check it out. And if you work from home some days, choose home to be here as much as you can. 

Find their website here: http://www.room2.com/southampton/

Find their Instagram here: https://www.instagram.com/room2hometels/

This stay was gifted for the purpose of the launch and my review, but trust me, I'll be here a lot more off my own accord!