Peeling Off An Unwanted Layer

Face peels have always scared me a little, especially after watching that Sex and The City episode where her whole face turns red and she can't go anywhere.... My worst nightmare!! 

But it turns out that that's not always the case, and there are much lighter ones that just help to revive the skin and freshen it up without using invasive chemicals. When I heard about the NeoStrata products on offer at Dr Xaviers Clinic on Oxford Street, I thought why not! I was assured it would be light and not really noticeable and have a benefit to the skin so I went for it. 

I went for a consultation and she explained the whole process to me, the 'recovery' time and what to do and expect. I booked my appointment and came prepped with the afternoon off so that I could get the full effect of the peel. (Above is my before shot)

I laid on the bed and she removed my makeup with cleanser, popped on a headband and began the process. It's so simple that all she does is paste the chemical on your face with a brush two times and that's it! You're done! Its does have a bit of a strong smell to it, and it can tingle but I didn't feel anything. I let the chemical dry and she explained to me that I had to leave it on for 4 hours, then rinse off with warm water after. This way it would give it all time to work.

I wasn't allowed to go directly in the sun without protection for a couple of days, and they give you a NeoStrata face protector to use under your makeup etc for a couple of weeks after. I needed to steer clear of my usual face washes and scrubs, just for about 5 days, to make sure I don't irritate my skin! 

My skin gradually started to peel after about 3 days, but it wasn't anything too drastic at all. It was just as if I had a little sunburn (without the tan!). 

I then put make up on after about 4 days and it wasn't too bad but it was noticeable. I didn't think anyone would see unless they really looked at my face to be honest and it wasn't THAT offensive but it was there. After a couple more days it started to ease off and I didn't try to peel it at all! (That can cause pigmentation if the skin isn't ready to come off and it's forced off). 

My face felt super soft afterwards and it definitely made my skin feel a lot fresher. I had really bad skin last year and I just felt like it took off a layer of all the rubbish on my face. I may get a peel every month just to keep my face rejuvenated! 

I have actually continued to use the sun protector on really sunny days, it just feels light and nice and i know it has very good coverage. Great for days when I'm outside a lot like Tennis on the weekends! 

All in all I really am not scared of peels anymore, and I think I will make them a little more regular. It's a nice feeling to have a fresh layer of 'face' underneath makeup and it feels a lot cleaner when I'm just pottering around with no makeup on. 

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This peel was complimentary by NeoStrata for the purpose of this review, but all views are my own!