A Beach in the City: #SotonSeaside

If you haven't already seen it (and you've been in a hole) there is a giant beach in the middle of Southampton! Yes that's right, a beach. Sadly no water and thank goodness no sharks but a super cool huge sandpit, deck chairs and cocktail bar. Just as if you'd arrived in Greece. Thank goodness we have this heatwave now because I don't think a normal British summer would have been great ...

Seaside in the Square opened just over a week ago and it has been a great big hit so far. You can see my YouTube video from the opening VIP night here and since then I have attended the beach Yoga on a Friday morning and watched so many people enjoy the activities. The outdoor cinema on the sand has been super busy and the kids are all loving it now that they are off for the summer. 

There are so many FREE activities going on right up until the 22nd of August (over 100 to be exact) and there is literally something for everyone. I was so impressed with the sheer effort and scale of this whole project and how the local businesses with Go! Southampton are all getting involved to build the city together. We got to try, and some even make, cocktails from the Orange Rooms bar inside the beach, and there is also a garden sponsored by Ikea. A competition ran to become one of the 3 mini sheds that were built and has resulted in some awesome displays and a cute place to sit in the sun!

I enjoyed the Yoga so much and hearing the wind whilst laying on the sand was so relaxing. I almost forgot I was in the middle of the city. To have something going on outside for everyone is such a great asset to Southampton and will hopefully pull together people to get more things like this going!

I absolutely loved the time at the beach and I will 100% be back during the time is it here to enjoy the yoga, the parties or even the cinema. Because honestly I want to enjoy it to the fullest while it's there!

You can find the whole schedule of events here on their website, and choose which one you want to go to. Some of them require booking but most you can just turn up!


I hope to see you all there and don't forget to use the hashtag #sotonseaside to support the events and spread the word!

I was invited down for the purpose of the review but I'm so psyched this is here and the opinions are all my own!