Styling The Heatwave | Femme Lux Finery |

I am such a Winter person and I really dread each Spring/Summer and having to completely change the way I dress. I don't deal well with the heat and I get too hot, sticky and agitated. I have to admit I'm also not great at styling things, matching things or coming up with cool outfits as I really don't turnover my wardrobe that often. I made myself a promise earlier on this year that I would spend more time looking after myself beauty and fashion wise and so I thought it might be a great idea to collaborate with Femme Lux Finery to show you (and myself) that's it doesn't have to be a chore, dressing for the heat.

I started off with the Floral Front Wrap Playsuit as this to me was the simple throw on kind of outfit, that still looked feminine and classy. I paired it with my leaf print wedges from The Outnet and my Vintage Dior Saddle Bag to mix the designer with the more day-to-day clothes. I liked clashing the patterns of the shoes and the playsuit and it was so comfortable to wear. Definitely a top pick for this boiling heat.

I am super into jumpsuits but haven't really ever jumped on the two piece trend, that is until now. I decided to choose one and give it a go and I absolutely love it. It makes you feel so put together and well presented, I guess this is how women feel with they match their underwear everyday.......? I actually wore it the day after this shoot for my birthday meal and I felt BOSS. This Green Contrast Two Piece Set was so comfortable and the top wasn't to tiny weenie. The trousers were a great high-waisted height and the fabric isn't too heavy. This one is also a winner.

Whilst out for dinner with friends not that long ago, one of the guys admitted to us girls how sexy most men find females in t-shirt dresses. We were pretty damn happy about this be cause have you FELT how comfortable it is to wear and oversized t-shirt all day? It's almost like being able to wear your pjs constantly. I'm also a sucker for anything leopard print, I find it says "fierce female approaching" so I loved the White Vogue Leopard Print Oversized T-Shirt Dress and matched it with my silk shoe boots. The shoes were pretty hot in this weather but damn did they work with the outfit! 

I like to park myself in a bar for most of Summer, so this outfit gave me the chilled but sassy vibes. The White Vogue Printed Crop Top gave me so many options of what to pair it with and leather was the first one I thought of. Although it can be quite warm, get yourself a thinner leather skirt and it won't be too much of a bother. or how about pairing the top with some high-waisted denim shorts for a classic look? This one is a head turner so be prepared to get a lot of attention........ I also paired this with the Vintage Dior to make it even more badass and stick with the whole monochrome feel.

The last in my Summer series of outfits was probably the warmest one and would be best worn for a dinner out in the evening when it cools down. I'm not really a colour person but I'm trying to add some into my closet so this was the perfect choice. The Red Multi Stripe Belted Jumpsuit felt snug and didn't at all feel too revealing. I paired it with some perspex diamond heels as I think this is one for a strappy sandal type of look. I also tied the belt for a feature around the middle and added a mini studded bag to finish it off. I actually loved this jumpsuit and they are so easy to wear without having to plan too much.

So there you have it! My guide to Summer dressing with Femme Lux Finery!! All of these pieces are SUPER affordable and you can spruce up your wardrobe for a little over £50 I would say! Go take a look at what they have over on their site and make sure you tell me what you think of these outfits!! 

*This post was sponsored by Femme Lux Finery but all styling and opinions are my own*