Breakfast With A View: Dine High

I am no stranger to eating food in the sky (see here) but this time I wasn't watching sunsets eating dinner and drinking wine, I was up there for pancakes, eggs and tea at the crack of dawn. Luckily we have had a bit of a month long heatwave here in Southampton, some may call it *Summer* so the weather has been so enjoyable. Dine High Club is a brand new kind of dining in the sky, with an actual restaurant type setup rather than just chairs with your feet dangling. I took my Grandad along for the excitement and here's what happened:

We were shown through to the bar area to wait for our departure to be ready. Then we were taken to our 'couples table' (cute) by the edge of one of the sides. We had nice comfy seats with a little table in the middle and a great view of Guildhall square. We were then hoisted up slowly, with belts and seats all checked, up to 100ft in the air.

All we could see were ants below us and the rest of Southampton on the horizon. There was something so peaceful about being up there! We were served tea and juice, then patiently waited for our food. 

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I went for the Eggs Benedict and my Grandad had the pancakes and both looked absolutely insane! Our chef Tom Peters from the 2017 Masterchef really had a way with the food and it was perfect even at that height. No complaints with the quality at all! The eggs were soft and the sauce was so tasty, and the pancakes disappeared pretty quick so I can assume they were amazing too.

The whole experience was just so cool and despite the early start, it really didn't matter, I was loving life watching everyone else wake up and start their day from above. You can check out all of their tour dates and where they will be visiting next here, and maybe you can have food in the sky too?!

Thankyou so much Dine High Club for such a cool time and I look forward to the next one!

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This experience was gifted for the purpose of the view but all views and opinions are mine!