My 5 Proven Top Tips for Flying with Anxiety

As you may know, I recently flew to Las Vegas and for the first time since I was in hospital from a panic attack, I was on an airplane. In all honesty, I am actually still on that plane right now and writing this from boredom of being in my seat, with my 3rd Gin and Tonic 8 hours in with another 2 to go. But hey I like to make the most of my time do I thought I’d do something productive (drinking Gin should also be a tip in itself).

I suffer with GAD and previously Agoraphobia and this had developed to claustrophobia over the last year and a half, but I’ve been dealing with it and have luckily not needed therapy. Trains I can now deal with. Deciding to get on a long-haul flight halfway across the world in economy seats? Fucked.

But I’m here, I haven’t freaked out and I only have 2 hours to go so here’s exactly how I did it.

1 – Freak Out A Little

If you suffer from any kind of anxiety, it’s because you’ve had an experience that causes these feelings. So, for you, it’s completely normal to be nervous about such a long flight where you can’t step outside for a LOT of hours …. (help). I did the obligatory “help I’m scared” texts to all of my family members, but I’m glad I got it all out of the way before the actual flight. My anxiety may actually be exhausted and have given up. 

2 – Get Some Meds

Although I haven’t actually needed to take them, I do have a little stash of prescription meds just by my feet in my handbag (don’t worry I’m not a mule) and even just having them there as a safety blanket has helped me a lot. Speak to your doctor about your concerns, about 2 weeks before you fly or book an appointment in advance and just ask for something to calm your nerves. I have Diazepam to calm anxiety and panics and make me drowsy but you cant drink on it so that's half the reason I didn’t take them #gin. 

3 – Make Playlists & A To Do List

If you know you’re going to have stuff to do while you’re on the plane then you have stuff to fill the hours of mindless people drooling on your shoulder. I made sure I had a magazine, all of my favourite playlists on Spotify downloaded for offline use, one for every mood, and I also made sure my laptop was fully charged as I’m a workaholic and it actually makes me feel better to do it HA YES I SAID THAT.


If you plan your journey, luggage and itinerary thoroughly, you’ll feel way better when you actually get there about what you have to do. No aimlessly wandering around the airport looking for stuff to do or where to take your bag. If you need help, ASK. I did, I even asked where the toilets were whilst standing right by them oops. Put all your documents in one place, make sure you know where your passport is and you’ll be fine.

5 – Hypnosis

Now you make be thinking WTAF are you on about, but 2 days before I flew, I found a YouTube video that was supposed to ‘hypnotise’ the flight anxiety out of you. I’ve never had therapy so I wrote it off as mumbo jumbo but still, I laid on my couch and played the video. I still couldn’t tell you what’s on that tape after about 6 minutes because I always end up in a trance or asleep. TRUST ME I woke up at the end of the video right when he said to the first time (freaky) and the second time I just literally fell asleep. Strangely, I had absolutely 0 anxiety after that and I can’t pin it on anything other than that entering my subconscious and altering my entire brain. 

So there you have it! How I’m getting through this flight! That, plus I just asked the hostess to bring me (more) Gin and Tonic and a peppermint tea because… well… balance is key.

Happy Flying!