Saturday Night Alternatives: Prosecco

I love a good night out as much as the next person, but this summer I tried to find alternatives for the usual bars/clubs and questionable bed times. Choosing instead to try and choose cool events, or a dinner and drink so I’m too fat and tired to hit the bars. I still do love a good drink though and when I found out about the Port Solent annual Prosecco Festival, I knew it was right up my alley. 

With a whole load of sold out tickets last year and basically the same in 2018, it boasts a whole host of benefits when you buy a ticket. First and foremost, you get 5 glasses of prosecco (in tokens) included in the ticket which is bloody good value in itself, but on top of that, you also get to keep the printed glass they give you upon entrance that gets filled up after you use a token. I was designated driver as I’d had a heavy week so my bestie ploughed through almost 10 tokens like a trooper. You also get to keep the goody bag that has little gifts in it, some chocolate truffles, and memories from a brilliant night! 

We had a little look around and sat and drank our first glass of prosecco whilst watching a man in shiny leggings twist his way around fabric, one of the aerial routines on show and honestly it was pretty cool We also got to see a fire dancer with a ring that was literally flaming, the girls got talent!! There were live bands in some of the bars as well so you could enjoy some live music while you sip.

Stopping to eat in ‘O Sole Mio’ we shared an amazing Italian pasta with cheesy garlic bread, and I would hugely recommend trying there one day. The food was authentic and fast and the service was great! A few prosecco’s in and I was beginning to enjoy laughing at my tipsy bestie…..

We then headed round to see the Disco they were having (until 1am might I add!) and it was absolutely full of people dancing and having fun to cheesy 80’s hits! Not my favourite to dance to but I definitely got into it and it was actually super fun! The Prosecco Festival was 100% great value for money on the ticket price, and it was something different to do for a weekend which I liked. Maybe get your tickets to go next year? Or check out the other events that Port Solent have going on too!

The tickets were complimentary for the purpose of the review but honestly it was such a fun night and the tickets are GREAT value for money with all that you get! 

P.S after that many glasses she was a nightmare passenger on the way home but I love her and she had a great time too! 

Tickets were gifted for the review but they event really was great fun!