My Autumn Lookbook For 2018

This genuinely is, and always has been, my favourite time of year. The air gets a little crisper and the mornings get a little colder but everything feels like it's changing. And I guess thats because it is. Our jumpers come out of hiding from the summer months and we add a little extra blanket over our beds to keep cosy. My favourite wardrobe changeover is from summer to autumn as i can slip back into cosy jeans and jumpers and not be called a slob. I picked out a whole load of new outfits from Femme Luxe UK and styled them up to give me some ideas for the next couple of weeks.

If you're going to 'spill the Tea' you might as well do it in a great outfit, so I paired my Mustard Knit Jumper with a long black slit skirt. The lace up boots gave it more of a dressed up feel but I love these boots so much I would 100% wear this shopping. I also love how extra the furry sleeves are and they are SO SOFT! 

Work-wear in the middle months can be hard, as in the morning it's so freezing you could hide in an eskimo coat but then throughout the day it gets warmer. So these Pink Fur Sleeved and Khaki Fur Sleeved jumpers (again with super soft furry sleeves) are perfect. A little covered but not too thick and will fit under a coat for the colder morns. They also double up as a dress too so why not add some thigh highs?

Another one of my favourites and a really easy wear is the Grey Crossover Cropped Jumper. It doesn't actually classify as cropped but you get a bit of a breezy belly if you aren't  wearing something high waisted! Good thing I pretty much always do eh .... Lucky for you the short one sold out and the long one is back! No breezy bellies for you guys ..... Find it here.

Firstly, unfortunately no this Range Rover isn't mine although I'm happy it turned up mid shoot as it makes a GREAT boujie backdrop and I was feeling this outfit with it too. The Mustard Stripe Jumper is also reversible so if you're feeling extra boujjjj you can have the scrappy side at the front. Another great throw on jumper for the transition period.

Going out for drinks or dinner in the winter can be hard as the outfit choices are somewhat limited, but I've nailed it with this White Bardot Jumper Dress paired with my favourite shoes, thigh highs!! The dress can get a little cold as there isn't anything underneath but you can just shiver a little until you get into the bar and then it's all good. It's also super comfy and SUPER cheap!

Now for the grand finale! I have honestly never worn anything like a metallic dress but I am completely sold on it. This dress is so attention grabbing and catches the light you'll be hard pushed to hide in the shadows for the night. It's extremely see-through but I paired it with a leotard underneath. Other options could be a strapless bra and high waisted matching pants or anything you see fit to match underneath. I will 100% be wearing this on my next night out and not shoving it to the rejected-dress pile!! Find it here.

So there you have it, my autumn look-book with Femme Luxe Finery! I can't wait to get all these outfits on the go and explore more of how to style them up for winter. How will you be transitioning through the season?

Femme Luxe Finery:

Shot by: @Ohsojack_

Shot in: @southamptonharbourhotel

The clothes were gifted as part of this review but all styling, direction and words are my own.