The Only Festival I'll Be Booking Next Year - Eklectica

I used to go to quite a lot of festivals with my family, as a Summer 'thing', but I haven't really ever been in the last few years and have favoured home improvements rather than experiences. Although I haven't ever complained I don't go to them, I think I'll make a point of going again next year, especially when it's one I enjoyed as much as this......

Eklectica Festival at Robin Hill on the Isle of Wight invited me down for the weekend and I cannot thank them enough! See below for all the images and everything from my 3 day festival festivities!


Set in the beautiful an scenic Robin Hill on the IOW, Eklectica is hidden in the woodlands, with amazing light decorations and feathers or fairy lights hidden in the trees around every corner. Some of the permanent fixtures like the wooden bridge and the wooden cabins are slammed up for the occasion and no expense is spared the it comes to neon lights or eclectic decorations. Such a picturesque location for a weekend of pure bliss!


I love going to gigs and concerts but there's something about the atmosphere of a festival that makes the whole performance so so much better. There was a mix of performers with Tinchy Strider and Reggie Yates DJ on the Friday night, with an amazing vibe and lots of bopping around on my part! 

Then came the Saturday, and we have the pleasure and first time experience of trying out the Silent Disco! With a small deposit for headphones you get to listen to the best sing-a-long songs with everyone else that's wearing headphones, and look like a complete nutter to everyone watching for the fun of it! 

Saturday night and the headliners were Scouting for Girls, but our favourite performers of the whole weekend turned out to be The Beatbox Collective. So much talent and everyone absolutely loved it with the biggest crowd by the end of the set and everyone dancing to nothing but the music made with their mouths. Amongst all the main stages, there was also small acoustic artists throughout the weekend and not one of them made me want to escape at all!! Props to Eklectica for their great taste in bands. 

Food & Drink

With an array of food stalls, there's no shortage of something to eat. We had a sure hard time choosing every lunch and dinner and went for something different each time! Our favourites of the weekend were Dumpling Dumpling, The Real Curry Squad and Tipsy Wight for cocktails! Trying something new each time kept the excitement and there were also vegan options too.

Festival Fever

For someone who doesn't really get dressed up for festivals, I had a great time adding every accessory physically possible for this one!! The theme was Hawaiian for the Saturday but I went all out each day with face gems (from Amazon), amazing coloured braids (BraidedXF) and all the best animal prints and bright clothes. I had so much fun adding all the make up and hair and absolutely loved being that 'extra' for a weekend without anyone thinking it was over the top. We even got a lot of comments saying how great we looked!!

Tickets and Travel

Getting to the IOW really wasn't as hard as I thought it would be and Wightlink made it so easy to cross from Portsmouth to the Isle of Wight. We even managed to grab a spot near the front on the ferry, look outside as the weather was good and there was coffee and snacks on board. 

The festival in my opinion is super well priced, for something that pretty and with great performers. They might not be the biggest names in the business but they sure are just as good quality and fit with the festival so well. If I was to go to another festival next year, it would be this one and I will be taking my whole family in 2019 as I am fully converted. 

You can find all of the ticket information and the website for Eklectica here and I will 100% be attending next year. See my YouTube channel for the video this weekend and I hope to see you there next year!!

The tickets and travel were gifted for the purpose of the review and weekend content but all views are my own and i honestly had the BEST time ever!!! Thanks so much to Wightlink and Eklectica and I will be returning next year!