Handling Anxiety in the Festive Season

Christmas, if you didn't already know is my favourite time of the year. So we all know the festive Christmas season can be one of the most hectic and stressful times of the year. Buying gifts, work, busy bars and cafes everywhere, the seemingly never ending traffic (who else can't work out why?!) and all the parties you feel you need to go to as they only come around once a year. Add on your usual dose of daily anxiety and it's a recipe for disaster. 

But how can we enjoy the winter months without getting bogged down in gift giving and late night alcohol sessions with santa hats on, and actually enjoy ourselves? I feel like sometimes it can be a little hard to take a step back at this time of year so here are my top tips, and how I'm handling Christmas this year. 

Learn To Say No

Just because there is a work Christmas do, doesn't mean you have to attend. Just because your Aunties cousins sisters hamster is visiting from Hogwarts, doesn't mean you have to see them. One of the craziest things about this time of the year is that we give all of our time away and wonder why we are so exhausted by January the 2nd. That 'New Year New Me' doesn't work when you have nothing left! 

Plan your calendar in advance as much as you can, and make sure you leave a few evenings or days spare to take a bath or take yourself for lunch. You'll appreciate the time to yourself when you're really in the thick of it.

Don't Stress About Gifts

Even though presents have become one of the most heightened parts of Noel, don't let it get you down or act as the be all and end all of your happiness in December. Write a list of all the people you NEED to buy for first, the closest of them all like Mum, Dad, Sister, Grandma etc. These are the ones you handle first. Set a budget just to make sure you don't end up looking at things you can't afford and getting upset. You don't need to get Grandad a Porsche this year .....

Then write a list of everyone else you would like to get a gift for but maybe don't necessarily have to. If you can't you won't make yourself feel bad and if you do it's a bonus!!

I managed to get all my gifts bought and wrapped before December the 1st and now I can actually enjoy December instead of worrying about all the presents! 

Take Care Of Yourself

Everyone knows the curse of the 'winter cold' and this year it's come around big time. Pretty much everyone I know (including me) has come down with it at some point and it really does well to knock you sideways and make you feel even more behind on everything. There are ways that you can try to avoid or shorten any winter illness so make sure you stock up on OJ, Vitamin C drinks or tablets, fruit and veg and lemon and honey for those warm soothing drinks!

Anxiety wise, if you're already on medication then that suits just fine, but if you're like me and choose to do it your own way then I have found a great new alternative to prescription tablets. These High Strength CBD Oil Cablets from Superdrug have actually really helped. CBD is obviously something that is big on the market and I thought it was a it of a fad, but I've been taking one a day now for about 3 weeks and can honestly say my anxiety has reduced!! I've had more events than I normally would, as well as being slammed with work and these have really helped me stay on top of it. I have way less lightheaded feelings and can quite happily go to an event without feeling the need to run and hide!

So there you have it!! My top tips on how to keep the anxiety at bay this Christmas and enjoy yourself without the worry!

Happy Christmas!! 

P.S - I am loving my new glasses from Specsavers! They are prescription made just for me and this frame was only £25, bought and paid for myself! (I can't find them on the website but they are in the Southampton Above Bar Street branch)

The CBD capsules were sent from PR as a gift but I actually am really surprised how well they have worked!!