My Favourite Festive Traditions

Every year I look forward to getting everything ready for the big day, cozying up in the evenings and enjoying a glass of wine next to a Christmas tree or in the German Market in town. Granted I've always been single for Christmas for at least the last 5 years and 3 of those I've experienced a very close pre-christmas break up (one was actually Christmas Day lucky me) but my attention to detail and festive spirit never wanes and I always find something to at least try and cheer me up again.

Everyone has their own favourite traditions every year and I thought I would share mine, just incase there's something that takes your fancy you'd want to try, or maybe a different thing you can teach me! Considering it's Christmas Eve tomorrow, I think we have just enough time to chat about these.....

The German Market

Every year the German Market comes to town and everyone looks forward to it. Years ago when I had less responsibilities, more time and didn't have a drivers license I would spend so so many evenings at this very festive place. The smell of honey roasted cashew nuts and German Bratwurst sausages fills the air and the christmas music and mulled wine really does make this such a beautiful place. Everyone is always happy, the music is always sing-a-long and I just love how it really does feel like you're on a mini holiday.

Ice Skating

Once a year for the majority of the population, we decide its a good idea to 'get our skates on' and slide around on the ice for an hour or two. Aside from the impending injuries and bruises if you lose your footing, it is great fun and really instills the fact it's winter. We're lucky enough here that SKATE Southampton comes to WestQuay every year now and means we have a fun place to skate right on our doorstep. They also have a cute bar with a real fire and plenty of blankets to enjoy a hot chocolate (with whipped cream and marshmallows) after your skate. I like to think I look like a pro ice skater but really I'm more like Bambi ....

Bad Christmas Films!

I have this terrible habit of sitting in front of Netflix way longer than I should, and one of my new years resolutions should really be to stop vegging out in front of the TV for so long. I do however like to have it on in the background while I'm pottering around the house, getting ready or doing other things. During December I watch a lot of Vlogmas on my favourite channels but I also love to put on the TERRIBLE Christmas films you get on Netflix.

You know, the ones with a £1000 budget, terrible acting and the cheesiest storylines you could ever have imagined. My favourite this year would have the be 'The Christmas Prince' in where a reporter sneaks into the castle as a tutor for the inside scoop but finally (spoiler alert) marries the prince. Trust me, give them a go for something festive and chilled!


As always I'll be with my family opening stockings and presents and eating way too much in just over 24 hours, but I will still very much be in the festive spirit after the big day, all through new year and probably into the start of January!!

What are your favourite Christmas traditions? Let me know in the comments!!

Happy Christmas everyone :)