Definitely Not Dry-January

Dry January Schmy Schmanuary

Now there are a lot of stats that support people partaking in 'Dry January' and I fully support that. Taking a month off alcohol does wonders for your skin, overall health, mindset and sleep. No hangovers for a month? I'm all for it!! But you know what I'm not all for? Losing the enjoyment out of the first month of the year. 

Now I know it's possible to have fun without alcohol and if you can't do that well then maybe it's time to re-assess how much and how often you drink. BUT. I also do think there is an element of enjoyment whilst drinking that a cup of tea for example just doesn't match. I have quite a stressful job and working for yourself is no picnic, so a nice glass of wine when I get home is a perfect little relaxant when my head is going a million miles an hour trying to conquer the world. 

I also have to say that I do love a good dinner out (incase you didn't already know) and trying the wine is one of the things I love the best. In the simple fact of stopping myself doing that, I feel I would lose the enjoyment for part of the meal. There are many many mocktails around and when I am driving I do enjoy them. Malbec is my favourite red wine and dreaming of that with a good meal is something that keeps me going through a hard day.

Now don't get me wrong I have the utmost respect for anyone that decides to make the decision to not drink, and take a little time off from the devils juice. I however won't be one of them anytime soon, and if I was going to take a break I probably wouldn't need to wait until January to do it. I will choose how and when and why I want to stop rather than being confined to once a year. 

I am writing this whilst opening and enjoying a glass of Prosecco by the way so if you're going to try and convince me you've already lost. Thank god sometimes for those stolen moments alone where I feel so comfortable in my own skin and my own life that I can enjoy this time to myself whether it involves tea, wine or orange juice. 

So if you're participating then I wish you good luck! And if you aren't then cheers to that too, I'm on your team this year and for the foreseeable future!

Happy Sunday x