My 2018 Highlights

I suppose we all tend to say this every New Year, but WHAT A YEAR that was!! I feel like I have crammed in so much and only going through my iPhone camera roll is reminding me of all the incredible places I've been, things I've done and people that I've met. I have compiled my favourite moments of the year as a kind of grateful look back on 2018, before I go and stuff myself with food and Prosecco whilst playing board games with my family for as long as possible. 


One of my goals each year is to renovate part of my home, as it was extremely outdated when I moved in 3 years ago. In January I managed to get the hallway looking all pretty and white, with cute new chandeliers (read here). The flooring was also changed from a dated brown laminate to a nice cool grey (here) and I built my shoe walk in wardrobe finally! (If you watch my Instagram stories you would have seen the ORDEAL!). In 2019 hopefully I can get the kitchen renovated so that's one big mega thing ticked off the list!!! 

Work & Career

Now this is one I hope with continue to grow year on year as many people would! I feel like maybe this year I decided to have a little comfort and not put in to many long hours, so I could have experiences and choose to do the things I have done. But that's not to say I didn't work hard! I taught a workshop on Social Media with DWUL in Southampton, as well as being a guest lecturer TWICE at the Conde Nast (Vogue) School in London. 

I've been to so so many events, including local ones with SotonBloggers, finding my feet in the digital world again as well as rekindling my love for watching and participating in YouTube, something I really want to continue in the new year. I was invited to the amazing Eklectica Festival and took my little sister and made some incredible memories.

I also got my PB2 license which is for power boats!! I love ribs incase you didn't know and would love to own one one day, so this is a stepping stone and an amazing achievement for me!!


So now where do I start......

After years and years of everyone telling me to hurry my ass up, I finally passed my driving test (second time lucky) and bought my dream first car (car tour here)!!! I couldn't believe it when I finally passed and honestly I don't know what I did without a car for all of those years. Thanks to my amazing driving instructor Keith!! 

Of course there are the downs, I have had countless rubbish dates and one very prominent failed relationship, but what is a year without a bit of drama eh?? I have faith in the universe and the timings of things and I know my focus for 2019 is 100% work, so I suppose that leaves no room for romance anyways! Plus taking a more comfortable year this year has made me really want to step it up a notch and see just how far I can take my life. 

Smaller milestones include turning 24 (because that's just a 'meh' number anyway), getting another tattoo, getting cheek fillers and also starting to play tennis regularly! It's a hobby I had always wanted to do and Jem Tennis have been so welcoming and helpful and it's something I really really look forward to each week. 

But by FAR My favourite highlight was going to VEGAS!!! I managed my anxiety on the longest flight I have ever done, we climbed Mount Charleston which is something I never thought I would do considering I am NOT an outdoorsy person. We walked up and down the whole strip and did a mini shopping trip, as well as having a great time seeing all the sights at 5am including the 7 magic mountains and the Vegas sign! I am super happy I went on this trip and super proud of myself too. I honestly cannot wait to go again! 

Watch the Vegas Vlogs here:
Part 1:
Part 2:

Thank you for being part of my 2018 and I wish you all the best for 2019, smashing your goals and living your best life!

Let me know your top 5 moments from the last year in the comments!