Southampton Beauty Recommendations

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I love to get treatments, massages, facials, and have been getting my nails done for near on 7 years now (lets not count how much I would have spent please) and I tend to always go the the same places, or stick with ones I know for specific treatments. As well as finding good places to go, I like supporting as many local businesses as possible, so I don't really go to one place for everything I like to spread it out a bit!
I get asked quite a lot where I get certain things done so I thought I would put it all into one post!


I have been going to the same place to get my nails done for 7 years now, and anytime I go anywhere else I get instant regret when they file my nails down to basically powder. I get simple acrylic nails and they are good for me because as well as adding length, they are so robust. With me being a part photographer, gym enthusiast and part time ring girl, I need nails that LAST and don't chip or fall off. I have had gels before but they are only good on me when shorter. They still last a good amount of time however so I will still get them when i feel like a break from acrylics for a month or two.

I head to Nails2Nails in East Street and always go with either Layla or Khuyen (pronounced "Kwen") as they have always got exactly what I wanted. Sometimes I take in a photo and sometimes we choose it on the day!

Acrylics are £25 for a full set and £15 for infills. You have to call to book but find their Facebook page here:


I never used to really look after my skin, but since my acne has gotten worse and there are no signs of it getting better so far, I decided that even if I can just improve the surface layer and let the docs sort the rest I might as well try. I posted my new skincare routine and this has stuck with me as I now realise that all of the years I was just swiping a face wipe across my face, most of the girls I see with glowing skin have a whole ritual. I also had a gifted facial from Unique Beauty & Nails (Shahla) and my skin felt awesome afterwards. I vowed then to make sure I got one every month to at least give my face a little treat and a break from makeup.

I normally get the Mini/Express Facial for £25 and this is such a relaxing experience as well as being amazing for your skin. A double cleanse, exfoliate, massage and a mask as well as a herbal tea? I'm SOLD.

Book through her Instagram or give her a call! Instagram here:


Now I know I said I like to go to different places for each thing, but Shahla is just too good at Gel Toenails for me to go anywhere else!! She has done mine for a few months now and I always go for the silver chrome. As they last so much longer than what ever is on my fingers, I tend not to match them up as there isn't much point. I also like the fact that my toes sparkle somewhat! I like them to be different, but also match all of my outfits and not be too offensive on the eye. 

I normally get the Chrome Gel Toes. 

Book through her Instagram or give her a call! Instagram here:


These aren't something I get done all the time as they can be quite expensive (depending on your budget of course) but they ARE something I am going to try and keep up in the future. I never considered having individual lashes as I thought sometimes they would look 'too much' or too done up when in actual fact, they just made me feel like i had to wear less makeup! You can choose which type of lashes you go for, and my choice is the more natural everyday look. They take a while to put in (as there is so many) but they can last up to a month! And even when you think there's not many left, trust me there is! Infills are slightly cheaper as well at between £20-£30 depending how many have fallen out.

They didn't damage my natural lashes until I decided to pull them out myself (for surgery) which pulled out my actual lashes too. DON'T DO THAT!! Use the proper remover! Other than that they were completely fine!

My first set was £50 and top up was £20 as not many fell out.

Wax/Other Treatments

A new salon in the heart of Woolston is now one of the prettiest ones you can find! Vivid Beauty offers nails, lashes, pedicures and much more. I mainly stick to this place for my waxing and the Crystal Clear facials that really (pretty harshly) exfoliate your face, in a good way of course! It is such a beautiful salon and they girls are so so sweet as well. I will be heading there for something else soon too so keep an eye on my Instagram!

See the price list and their website here:

So there are my top places I visit in beauty! Want any specific recommendations? Leave me a comment down below :)