BEEFY'S By Sir Ian Botham Hilton Hotel Review

I get to go to some pretty amazing restaurants to eat doing my job, but I do tend to forget about hotel restaurants when thinking about where to go. For some reason I guess I just think they won't be that good, but oh how wrong could I be. I was slightly wary when I was contacted to review  BEEFY'S in the Hilton Hotel, but I took a look at the website and decided I might as well, what have I got to lose!

I have been to the spa (which is beautiful by the way) numerous times and worked with the hotel and other bloggers at the Hilton too, so I suppose it's only right I try the food. We were welcomed by the team and the wait staff are so unbelievably attentive and helpful. I am VERY picky about service even before I reviewed places, and they exceeded expectations, checking on us and getting to know us as a customer too.

I thought I would go with some recommendations for the starters as we really couldn't pick aside from the Salmon. The Bubble and Squeak was the one recommended and picked and I have to say it wouldn't have been one I ever would have chosen otherwise! I was driving so couldn't really drink but I wanted to try the Botham Wines, hand selected by legend Sir Ian Botham working amongst other winemakers and friends. I do love a red, and I have since tried another of the wines and I can honestly say they are amazing! (The 2011 Botham Merrill Willis Cabernet Sauvignon was incredible and I had this the second time I went as a paying customer and a bargain at £40 for a bottle).

We shared both starters and had half of them each to try it out, the Salmon was also a huge portion! They definitely give you your moneys worth with the food and as it is celebrating the best in British cuisine, the Bubble and Squeak delivered on just that! The taste was great and it was so much less 'fatty' than I thought it would be. I guess the bonus of reading my review is getting to see it before you eat it right?

They also have this really cool Bovril butter they bring out with the bread that isn't offensive in taste and I actually now picked over the normal butter.....

Now we move onto the mains and this was an easy choice for both of us. I have previously had pigs cheek in another restaurant and had it multiple times before the seasonal menu changed, so seeing 18 hours slow cooked Beef Cheek on the BEEFY'S menu, well that was an easy decision!! If you have never had been cheek (or any kind of cheek) before, it is nowhere near as scary as it sounds. The meat is succulent and tender and falls apart in your mouth without losing any of the deep, rich flavour. Demonstrated perfectly here by BEEFY'S, the dish was served with onion mash and greens it was the perfect balance of food. 

The portion was HUGE!! And I think if I were to have it again I would skip the starter and just demolish this! You get so much meat and mash and it all taste's incredible. I wanted to tell everyone else that walked into the restaurant to pick it!

My sister loves a burger, so hers was the pick of the day burger with bacon and cheese on top of their succulent beef burger. It was a great ratio of filling to bread, which a lot of places can get wrong sometimes, and the portion was perfect too. I managed to steal a few chips as well ........... 

As burgers go these are pretty damn good, and even though I am not a huge burger fan I can appreciate them and my sister loved it so let's give that a huge tick from me as well! 

(I had the Wild Mushroom Pasta on the second paid visit and again not something I would normally choose, but the creamy pasta with crispy bacon was amazing, and we added asparagus and peas as sides and mixed them into the pasta)

We were absolutely STUFFED by this time, but our favourite waitress persuaded us (and thank god she did) to have a pudding. I honestly cannot find the pudding menu online nor remember what it was called but I can only describe is as the most chocolatey, smooth, orangey delight I have ever had. Gooey but smooth, fruity but full of white chocolate and also crunchy bits in there too.... it was to DIE for!

And sadly that brings us to the end of the review! I just want to take the chance to say thank you to all of the wait and management staff for looking after me on both occasions, the guest visit and also when I came back a week later! There's no denying that going back so soon really does show how much I loved the food and I want to tick everything off the menu gradually. 

Thank you to the chefs and also to Michael who took a few minutes out from cooking delicious food, came out and said hi and asked how everything went. And also to Emily who made me a beautiful treat on my second visit below :) The care an attention to detail is second to none here.

See the full menu here: A La Carte

Book here: Book

Instagram here: @beefysrestaurant

Seriously recommend!!!!!!! And if you do visit... let me know what you think and what you chose.

** Gifted menu for the purpose of the review, with other content from a paid visit too! **