Straight From The Garden of Eden

I was recently invited down to try the brand new Eden restaurant in Gunwharf Quays, in place of where (the very different) Tiger Tiger used to be. I had been following Eden on Instagram for a couple of weeks and sadly couldn't make the opening party, so going for dinner was a real treat. 

DISCLAIMER - just before we get into this, this meal WAS gifted for the purpose of the review, and I have seen a lot of bad press over Instagram about Eden but I will voice my own opinion here as this is MY experience. With that said let's continue!

We arrived and with no staff downstairs you kind of just amble your way up to the restaurant, and we were greeted by a very kind chap who seated us by the window. All of the decor is very well thought out, as is the branding and the way everything is aptly named to resemble the Garden of Eden. Our waiter then came over and took our cocktail order, the Forbidden Fruit, Eden Rose, plus an OJ and Lemonade. They did take around 15-20 minutes to arrive which wasn't the best however I can't say this is the longest I've ever had to wait for a drink in a bar! 

We ordered our starters, the Gluten Free Garlic Bread and the Tempura Battered Prawns. We were then advised that there was no Gluten Free Garlic bread, so we asked could the Chicken Liver Parfait be ordered instead with the Gluten Free option. After a while both starters arrived however the Gluten Free part was ignored so sadly it had to be sent back and my Mum didn't get to eat a starter! I scoffed my prawns as fast as possible and actually they did taste great, no complaints there on quality from me! I think a little more training on the difference between normal bread and Gluten Free bread needs to happen though .......

Our mains were a little slow, kind of a theme going on there sadly, but they did taste great. I had the Sausage and Mash with a side of the Chilli Broccoli and my mum went for the Pan Fried Salmon Fillet. Aside from the Salmon being a little dry (overcooked?) all of the food was actually wonderful. I have 0 complaints about the quality of the food when we did actually get it! I really enjoyed my Sausage and Mash, and there's something weirdly satisfying about eating a 'gourmet' version of a home comfort food. 

Over all, the staff weren't particularly clued up (aside from the guy who seated us) and everything just took rather a long time to get to us, but all in all I think the food was actually good quality!! I have also been here just for drinks around two weeks before this visit and had no issues there. I think sometimes there may be off days in places and Eden maybe has more off days than other places, but it is such a beautiful restaurant and honestly I would visit there again and probably will pretty soon.

I will recommend this place on the basis it is GREAT to take Instagram photos, the food is actually very nice and so are the cocktails, just don't expect everything to happen super fast, that's all I can say!! My reviews will always be honest.

Thank you so much Eden for the meal, and I hope you take on board the constructive review!