Southampton, UK

My Silver Anniversary

"Everyone wants to be a lion, most people just never get the chance"

Today is the day I turn a whole Silver Anniversary, 25 years of being in this crazy world. Having to put up with people and having to have people put up with me too. Seems like a long time right? It sure as hell feels like a long time. But what have I learned during these solid years? Anything worthwhile or have I just been dancing around this whole time?

Well on my 22nd birthday I posted a blogpost following a breakup, and on my 23rd birthday I'm pretty sure no one turned up to my party (neither did they on my 19th) so it's safe to say I don't organise those anymore. On my 24th I had my beautiful best friend to throw me a BBQ and then come January 2019 I decided (lol) it was time for a little quarter life crisis. The meltdown about being 25 and not being in a committed relationship with the prospect of a child and marriage suddenly felt like the most impending thing in the universe. 

Is it something I've ever worried about otherwise? No.

Surely it's something everyone wants in the end, but I take the view that a relationship isn't something that should be forced or seen as a 'must have' it's just something that happens in a certain way when you find a person and I haven't, so I'm focusing on me. 

The fear of turning a the big 2-5 passed and I became so comfortable with my new age that I've basically been another year older for the last 4 months. 25 is going to last about a year and a half for me with me already being mentally 4 months in!

So what has happened recently.......

My hair has grown to an unimaginable mermaid length, I'm finally falling in love with my face, I'm speaking up for myself and I am pursuing dreams I didn't even know I had with the help and support of some fantastic people. I've discovered so many things about myself I could have gone a lifetime without knowing if I hadn't wanted to become a better person. If the last year has taught me anything its that there is NOTHING and I repeat NOTHING more regretful than a missed opportunity. Those few seconds in time that can change so much, begin a life or leave a life, will haunt you for a lifetime. Those few seconds. 
If you don’t believe then you won’t ever have it.
If you don’t wish you won't want.
If you don't go for it you’ll forever kick yourself.

Twenty-Five may be so young to some people but I promise you you wouldn't believe the things I've done in those years, and whats more is that if that's what I can do in the first 25, then hot damn I've really got some corkers to come. I am not the wisest person nor am I someone that has no regrets, but from this year on I vow to not let myself ever regret a missed opportunity. Sometimes things happen and moments in time fly past but they can change your entire perspective on life. I was lucky enough to have that moment, and I will be forever grateful as I am now so refocused that even meatballs falling from the sky couldn't throw me off. 

So my birthday wish this year is that you all make a promise to yourself to not miss an opportunity because although it might not seem it at the time, small things can change your entire life for the better. So Happy Birthday to me!