Luxury Fashion Doesn’t Work Unless You Do


Something lockdown has taught me, is that there are plenty of hours during the day to get the things I want to done (even with 5 businesses on the go) only if I concentrate. Sure it’s easy to get stuck browsing Farfetch and lusting over new season Louis Vuitton. But how am I going to buy it?

Unfortunately for all of us, money doesn’t actually grow on trees despite the ‘but it’s paper’ analogy. We look up to luxury fashion because we know how much it costs (unless it’s a dodgy knock off from Turkey in which case fake it til you make it baby). We look up to those with the brand new Dior Saddle bag because we deep down know how hard they had to work to get it. And that’s why I am never ashamed to say that monetary things do motivate me most of the time. 

How many times have you sat and looked through an influencers page trying to find the ‘dupes’ for those things? Yep me too. We can’t all afford the Balenciaga Hourglass but we can all appreciate. There is a certain stigma that sometimes comes with luxury fashion and I wholeheartedly disagree with that stigma. Just because someone might have something you don’t or something different to you doesn’t mean it’s bad, it’s just different. 

And I also agree that just because you like designer bags, shoes and Chanel hand cream, it doesn’t make you shallow either. Not by a long shot. You could be carrying a new in season Prada rucksack and be as deep as the Mediterranean Sea as a person. 

Your fashion choice does not determine your morals.

For me personally, I like to mix designer with the everyday and I have loved doing this ever since I was a kid. My mum worked (and still does) in fashion and she taught me the difference between quality and quantity when it came to what I put on my back. By school I understood who Alexander McQueen was and loved him for it. I set up a pop-up shop in college and started my own brand at 16 years old, played Sampha on the speaker and had the majority of people walk in and go “ew this isn’t music”. I was ahead of the curve but I knew what I wanted. 

I knew there was a way to fuse the designer brands with pure and honest creativity and cutting-edge streetwear, whilst not losing the whole look. I am by no means a stylist when it comes to clothes, but how I see things in my mind works kind of like a constant Pinterest board, adding a pin for everything I see that inspires me. 

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So I guess there is still some scrutiny when it comes to “I would never spend THAT much on a bag” (I broke up with the last person that said that to me, and got out of the car of another nay-sayer immediately, I had matching boots) because luxury fashion isn’t and won’t ever be for everybody. It won’t also be just for the ‘select few’ that can afford it all, because people who want one special thing will cherish it forever.

But where does it fit into everyday life? Some lucky people will get to wear La Perla panties, D&G trousers and a Gucci jacket day in and day out, but for those of use that aren’t actual real life BAGILLIONAIRES we will settle for a few pieces to add to our closet of dreams. But like I said in the title, luxury won’t work unless you do. Second hand is cheaper than new, but it’s still no River Island. If that is to be your motivation for your Monday morning coffee and that commute to the office then so be it! There is nothing wrong with wanting luxury, and nothing wrong with using it to your advantage! 

Outfits worn:

In this post I stick true to my word of mixing luxury with everyday. I have chosen some beautiful dresses from FemmeLuxe to prance around my kitchen in. The silk leopard print dress goes best with a blazer and some super high heels. The black satin dress boasts a simple aesthetic so can be paired with pretty much anything, but I would suggest your highest red heel and furriest faux-fur coat. 

The white bodycon dress is sex-appeal-on-high so flaunt a deep red lip and some nude heels to get the wow factor. And lastly the tie waist nude tracksuit bottoms can be lounged around in or dressed up to the nines. Try some black boot heels and a tight corset style top for a Kardashians-off-duty vibe.

See you all soon x