My Shopping Addiction in Lockdown

Now this may come as a shock, however I don’t regularly shop online, or at all. 

Well at least I didn’t – until lockdown happened. Like most of you I turned from spending my money in restaurants and bars to shopping online. With nothing else to do all day (that’s a lie I have multiple businesses but during my chill out time …..) but scroll through Instagram and Pinterest there wasn’t a shortage of inspiration. Although there was a lack of places to wear them but that didn’t seem to matter to me. 

Using my fingertips I continued to buy-buy-buy and honestly it hasn’t changed all that much in the first few days of 2021. I never normally buy anything in January sales but watching SATC and Dynasty for hours on end made me think about what and how I want my style to be. Turns out I was missing a lot of things from my wardrobe. Or forgetting what I already have but we can overlook that….

I’m really into my dresses after watching series upon series of Fallon Carrington and my obsession with thigh-high boots has gone from ‘thigh-high’ to ‘sky-high’. Matching them with shirt dresses and boujee skirts is definitely a new go-to for me. I have a great denim dress but I love the fact this is denim and shirt dress from FemmeLuxe combined with the tie around the middle. I picked up a pair of Chloe Vinny cowboy boots before December lockdown and when I realised they were sold out everywhere I took to Depop to buy the same pair in the other colour. You know, just for good measure. 

I feel there’s a certain femme-chic about a high legged boot and I’ve gone from owning maybe 3 pairs to roughly about 9/10 pairs which some might say is excessive but I just say is having enough choice to fit my mood. Ignore the fact I had to buy another bookshelf to house them all.

As well as my boot obsession, I also have been really loving styling my joggers and loungewear with something smarter too. The blazer and joggers trend maybe isn’t for me, but switching trainers to boots and t-shirts for winter knitted tops is a new thing. Its comfy and practical as well as being a little more public (or just Instagram) friendly. These Modern Day Antics joggers give a little something extra to the usual plain jogger and it helps they’re super comfy too.

Working from home also means that people only really ever see the top half of me so smart shirts and joggers have also been a thing but don’t tell my colleagues because it ruins the fun.

Moving swiftly on…. Bodycon is always a good go-to when you’ve not gorged on pizza too much and can add a really (really) tight belt. Mesh dresses aren’t something that frequent my wardrobe, but I am loving this blue mesh patterned dress and have added a black bodysuit underneath. Maybe made for dinner or a night out drinking cocktails with the girls, I’m looking forward to wearing this fit soon. 

Because we all hope we can go out soon! It’s been way too long since I’ve had that ‘don’t want to go home until more people have seen my outfit’ feeling and I am definitely missing it. There’s nothing better than swanning into a bar in something you’ve put together feeling like a million dollars. Now however I dread the days I actually have to put on makeup because taking it off is too much effort considering hardly anyone will see my face. 

So it’s back to the TV for me while I work from my desk (or my bed) to watch more style inspiration and come up with endless outfits I will finally be able to wear in front of actual people soon. Have you been online shopping as much as I have or did you manage to restrain yourself? Because if you haven’t then please tell me how to stop …. Soon….. because otherwise I'll have to buy a new house to put them all in! 

Shop the post down below or check out my LikeitToKnowit to shop the other items. Look forward to seeing you all soon!

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