*Style Edit: 2021 Life Updates




So far this year I have spent the majority of it flip flopping between wanting to wear heels around the house to try and pretend everything is normal, or giving in to my ability to wear joggers and a bodysuit all day. With me?

As someone who normally works from home I have always said lockdown isn't much different for me, I am just missing out on things like the gym, my tennis sessions and drinks/meals/days out etc. Weirdly this has been the hardest part as we have gone further and further into lockdown and I have got further and further from any kind of physical or mental stress outlet. I actually bought one of those stress clicker things from Amazon so that I don't get too 'tightly wound' and scream at someone for picking something up in a supermarket HA. 

I have seen quite a lot of people saying this lockdown is harder than the last and I think maybe we are just getting bored of the fact that almost 2 years of our lives will be wasted on 'not' being able to do things (sorry to be a Debbie downer) (and sorry to all Debbies everywhere, it's just a phrase oops). 





I did manage to get one of my businesses sorted in the first lockdown and relaunched it (Southampton Focus) however this is based on a life without lockdown so that one was sort of put on hold. Being the absolute crazy person I am I decided to set up a 2836th business and launch something 'lockdown friendly'. Thus, Fully Booked was born! 

I will be doing a full post on this soon so keep an eye out, but it's just a little update from me and I am really enjoying having something new to focus on (in addition to my already ever growing to-do list).

Other than that what can I update you on ......

My current favourite series' are Bridgerton, The Walking Dead, The Bay, anything else murder mystery, Bulletproof, and I have been advised to watch Pretty Little Things I think it's called, the ballet one on Netflix! Straight in my basket. 

I've been searching for inspo to change my office/sofa/wardrobe room in my apartment with a new desk and just trying to minimise what I have. I feel like being in lockdown I have acquired a lot of "stuff" and now I just want to have a bit of clear-out really.  

And on the subject of how busy I am all the time, I have taken the initiative to hire a VA (virtual assistant) to help with all of the stuff I want to do but never have the time to do. Things like creating client Case Studies for Mirror Digital Media to showcase what we do. It's something so important to growing the business and getting new clients but I spend so much time doing the actual client work that I never get time to do the other stuff. It's a little scary spending more money, however if it clears up time that I could use to do actual client work and grow all of the businesses then it's worth it.

I'm such a control freak and a "fine I'll do it myself kind of person" but I really need to let that go because my want to do these things vs how much they need doing has to outweigh how much I care who does them. Of course it will be a hard transition but I feel it's one that needs to happen for the good of my health/mental health and the good of the businesses. I wouldn't be doing any of them justice if I didn't try! 

Beauty wise my regime hasn't really changed, same with my hair (although I did buy some new Beauty Works haircare and it's so shiny I can see myself in it). Outfit wise, I am still trying to dress up as I said but joggers and loungewear are just TOO easy to climb into and forget about the world. Someday soon I'll get my nice dresses out again! Wardrobe wise I will be putting ALL of my clothes onto a cool app I found that means you can see all your clothes like a little Pinterest or styling page but this is going to take me 6 years with all the new clothes I keep buying so stay tuned for that LOL!

I hope you are all doing well and keeping fit/healthy/cosy whatever it is you need! 

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