Stay Fully Booked - Subscription Box Side Hustle

So if you've been following me for a while, or even if you're new here you might know that I have a few businesses. Some I've had for a while and some that are definitely in the start-up phase! (I'll put a link to them all at the end incase you're nosy hehe!).

But all in all with this new lockdown world and with much more time being spent at home, I myself have been privy to a little 'cabin fever' like most. The things I usually do for me time (aside from working more) are mostly things that involve seeing other people in bars or restaurants or playing tennis, going to the gym or swimming. All of which I cannot currently do. 

I don't mind going for a walk every now and then but I'm really not a 'walk aimlessly around' kind of person. I am way too 'productive' for that and would just end up on my phone or doing something other than just walking. So I started to think of things that I could do inside that would help me get some wind down time as well as not have to go out.

My top 4 are:

- Learning to play Chess
- Learning to play Piano (yet to start but it's on the list)
- Learning another language
- Reading more!

These are all things I deem productive enough for myself to have as indoor hobbies, that will keep my brain in motion but also allow me some downtime away from work. Most people would use watching TV as downtime but considering my job/s I use it as inspiration and it always keeps my brain engaged on work as I'm taking everything in constantly. 

So in true TSG nature I decided I would try and make something out of one of the hobbies so that I could attempt to help others stuck in the same situation. And thus, "Fully Booked" was born! A brand new book subscription box for boss babes needing a little time out, and wanted a treat for themselves each month! Basically, serving more of me's!

The name to me was the hardest part to come up with. I wanted it to be kind of obvious it was a book based business but not something cheesy, and I wanted it to be aimed at women like myself that figure themselves a go-getter. "Fully Booked" speaks to both of those, being Fully Booked in your diary and Fully Booked in your downtime!

I also have ALWAYS been a huge supporter of small businesses and everything I do seems to fit around them, I think I inherited this from my amazing and business savvy mummy who had her own businesses and still does. So when choosing what I wanted to go into the boxes, I partnered with Forager Herbs for the tea in each box, and for the gifts I have chosen many many small businesses from around the UK selling their own products. 

It's ESPECIALLY important we choose to support small at this time because it's highly likely that some people have set up side-hustles because they have lost jobs or careers. So we support our own and shout for them just like we do for the bigger brands.

I'm super excited to be on this journey and I hope that out of this horrible situation we have all decided sometimes we just need a little time to ourselves to make sure we are offering out the best of ourselves to the world. 

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And remember to #StayFullyBooked! 


As promised, my businesses are:

Mirror Digital Media - Social Media Marketing/Digital Styling/Branding Development/ Photography

Southampton Focus - Local blog and website to find things to do in and around Southampton, as well as promoting local businesses (NOT touristy!)

Luna Rose London - My makeup brand! Set up in 2019 and I still have some stock left, I am looking at getting more however strangely Brexit is making that much harder!