3 Reasons To Feel Confident In Your Outfit

It will be no surprise that I love styling up outfits, but that doesn't mean it's any easier for me than it is for you. The amount of times I have had a little paddy and said the classic "I'm not going out" because I can't find an outfit that works or makes me feel good over the years is too many to count. 

But that being said, just because it might not be what you had in your head, or what it looked like on that girls photo on Instagram, doesn't mean it doesn't look nice. I had a lovely weekend in Cheltenham this weekend just gone and I hadn't washed my hair as there wasn't time. If you have curly or thick or long hair you will know the chore that is washing your hair and it takes about 2 hours from start to finish. That plus applying makeup and getting everything else like outfit etc sorted it begins a marathon of getting ready and it was time I just didn't have. So much to my annoyance I had to shove my hair up in a bun. A style that I NEVER ever wear anymore let alone to go out for dinner and drinks. I had planned my outfit and had on my new Louboutin 'Megan Fox' boots and a new dress and I wanted to feel good but the hair just wasn't working for me so the outfit wasn't.

It was insisted that a photo was taken of me at dinner, so begrudgingly I said yes, and strangely the photo came out actually really lovely (see it here). After a few minutes of it being posted, I checked the comments and one of my friends had posted saying she loved this look on me and that I looked lovely. I was a little bit shocked but nonetheless I took the compliment and guessed that sometimes just because I don't think something is my normal style or how I wanted it, doesn't always mean it looks as bad as I THINK it does. 

(see the outfit links for everything in the photos at the end of the post)

So here are my top tips for feeling confident in your outfit:

1. No one knows whether it's new or not

This is something I see a lot on Instagram and in some of my friends, is thinking that everything you wear all the time has to be new and not worn or photographed before, making it an endless cycle of buying new clothes and creating more waste every time. I don't often buy or get new clothes although it may look another way, but most of what I buy these days is from ebloggers.com (second hand) and I couldn't buy clothes in previous years especially in uni because I just couldn't afford them! I had to make myself love what I had and to be honest, people will never know if it's new or old, second hand or new, and most likely they won't care. Especially if you flaunt it like you feel great in it .......

2. The mirror only see's what you see

I know this one sounds obvious but it's a difficult game when we look at ourselves all day, especially now with very unflattering front facing cameras and editing apps, we constantly look for things we want to change. But half the time when you look at a photo from 3 months ago you'll say "I wish I looked like that again"! It's always the way, and we need to be kinder to ourselves, whatever we're wearing.

3. There's always someone thinking you look lovely

Have you ever looked at a womans outfit and not said you think she looks lovely? Well think how many times you have, and turn it round on yourself. There are so many people that will have seen you walking past or driving by or sitting somewhere and they will have thought about how nice your shoes or outfit is and not said anything. My point is, just because we can't mind read everyone doesn't mean they don't think you look lovely. So be kinder to yourself even if it's not the outfit or hair you planned, they don't know that!

Much love x

*Outfits in this post all gifted from FemmeLuxe. See below: