Out-Out with FemmeLuxe


So let's be honest, it's been a while since we have felt 'normal' going outside and going to other places that's anywhere other than the rooms inside our houses. Whether to wear masks or not wear masks or dress up or dress down or meet friends or limit who you see blah blah blah. A lot of my wardrobe has been hit with extreme famine due to the fact that the only thing I have been wearing is tracksuits and leggings. Add that to the busiest, strangest, most stressful and somewhat physically painful start to 2022 it's all been a bit hectic really. 

Realistically, I have been getting over covid, 10 days in my car engine decided it didn't want to live anymore, then having my wisdom teeth out, plus STILL getting over covid, getting a puppy (the most amazing yet hard-work thing) having another mystery chest illness trying to get me and now flying to another country to help a friend last minute, there's really not been much time to do that fun 'drinking' thing....... 

Which means the part of my wardrobe that has taken the biggest hit is definitely my dresses and heels. I have over 100 pairs of shoes and before you pass judgement, it's just the way I express myself. I use my clothes and handbags to express how I feel every day and apparently I haven't felt very 'boujee' for a while which is probably understandable. It's not necessarily that I would change anything over the last few months because all of those things happened or needed to happen in order for something better to happen or something needed to be done, and I'm trusting the process this year and trying to feel better about how I react to things not how things 'happen to me'. 

As well as being probably one of the busiest people alive it feels like, the world is very heavy in general. We have just started coming out of a two year pandemic and on top of that the potential start of WW3 I just can't help thinking "give me a break". I am in no way playing down the suffering and situations of so many other people in the world right now but it is hard not to feel 'heavy' in general, nervous for the future and worried constantly of what is the right thing to do. 

I use my channels as some form of escapism, somewhere you can come to see clothes, watch how I try to make different foods and take aesthetic stories and laugh at me when I fall over in my ice-skating lessons. I also want to use them to educate, sharing things I feel I understand enough to share. For example I probably don't understand enough about a lot of global situations to share anything actually helpful without just 'adding to the noise' whereas with things like psychology and marketing and fashion I feel that's what I created this for. Just because I have a platform doesn't make me an expert of every subject, just of those I choose to be.

So I guess what I'm trying to say in a roundabout way is that maybe sometimes you just need a good bath and a book, a glass of wine, or a night out because we are lucky enough to have the luxury where we can take a couple of hours to ourselves and figure out how we can help ourselves and in turn help the world somehow. Whether that be putting on a nice dress and going for a date night, or collecting food supplies and dropping them to centres to help people in need. 

I watched the 'I am Georgina' documentary on Netflix while I was recovering from my Wisdom teeth and something that was said stuck with me. "Everybody has a talent, whether it makes you rich or not is a different thing, but everyone has a talent". And I think that's so true. It doesn't matter if you think your talent is worth millions or nothing, it's still a talent and still something that you are good at and can help people in some way. Whether the monetary value associated with that is fair is a different subject entirely.

So give yourself a little big of grace, it's been a hard start to this year and a hard couple of years. But don't forget to take pleasure in the small things as well, some of us aren't lucky enough to be able to enjoy them anymore.


If you do decide to go out somewhere nice, try the dresses section from FemmeLuxe because honestly I had a hard time choosing! I also love these trousers with the black split hem, a high waisted black trouser is such a staple in my eyes. And the bodycon dress that has enough room for you to eat a pasta..... happy shopping! See the links to the other items in the outfits on my Instagram @thesouthamptongirl

*items gifted for collaboration