Spring Has Sprung


When it comes to Spring, I tend to feel a little torn. I'm a winter person through and through from skiing and winter sports to hating when it gets too hot that my makeup sweats off within seconds. Shout out to Charlotte Tilbury powder amiright? One thing I do enjoy is the sunsets that start to appear when it gets to 6-7pm and we can enjoy a cocktail with an orange sky tucking up in a warm cardigan. This even I'm heading off to sit with family and watch the sunset over the water, a benefit to living by the sea.

When it comes to outfits, Spring REALLY confuses me. I can definitely get into new colour tones and block colouring but then again I do tend to gravitate towards the same items in my closet which means less 'newness' for me. BUT I spent last weekend sorting through so much stuff, I made a huge bag ready to take to the charity shop and gave away a couple of things to my sister and family and friends to make way for A) all of the things that were in a bag that wouldn't fit in my wardrobe, and B) rotating out all the things I keep because I 'think' I will wear them and inevitably never do. It's a weird time considering a lot of the stuff I may have purchased last year I haven't worn even once because we still really haven't had that many places to go. I'm not really a weekend drinker anymore, I work from home and the only time I get dressed up is to go for dinners which I've been too busy to do. So all of my clothes and heels are feeling very sorry for themselves!

So what's in for Spring 2022? There is a huge focus on trends coming back from the 90's (even blue mascara, I know......) and they are being given a 2022 twist or y2k as the kids call it. Low rise jeans and skirts as I've seen on the Miu Miu models and influencers are not something I will be participating in and my initial reaction to them was "immediately no". Colour blocking is one I can really get on board with and this has been seen in many designer shoes like Valentino, as well as high street stores such as Zara coming in thick and fast with the matching sets and bright colours. It seems like pastels are out out out for the time being, maybe we need the serotonin? 

It's still a little chilly in the evenings so I do love a good knit cardigan, I have quite a few but really you can never have too many. I have ones ranging from throw ons to do the gardening to my nice ones that can come on a dinner date with me but the day to day ones tend to be neutral colours, longline and cosy. I love a flared trouser so I'm happy to announce these will still be in for Spring/Summer and the materials will be softer and silkier than ever. Evening and going out dresses are kind of following the same spectrum with silk luxurious materials and precious gemstone colours like Emerald and Ruby, with a hint of Pearlescent and blush pink coming in too. I'm rooting for the greens, blues and oranges because I feel like I overdid red the last couple of years and need a new look. 

So really when you're styling up outfits this Spring I personally would turn to the designer runway shows and Vogue for the colour inspiration, and then looks wise I really think people like Ariana Grande, Dua Lipa and co will be the best place to look. Fusing that girls band look of the 90's with some stylish sleep pieces and those vintage designer bags we've been hoarding for the last 20 years waiting for them to come back into fashion. This is definitely a time to rummage in your mum or grandmothers closet for an iconic piece they've been hiding .....

Let's take a look at the outfits I'm wearing here!

FemmeLuxe Cardigans: https://femmeluxe.co.uk/cardigans

Some items from Femme Luxe *gifted