Winds of Change


So you may have noticed I have been a little more quiet that usual. There's kind of been a lot going on! Today we are celebrating my puppys 1st birthday and when I say it's been a year ..... it really has! Training a puppy is just as rewarding as I ever could have imagined and the love he has to offer really is second to none. It's no news really to anyone that I am not really interested in having kids and probably never will be, but dogs is a whole different story. 

So that's today, but what about the last month? Well there have been some big changes around here. Big changes in friendships, big changes in projects and office spaces. I moved back into my office room/girly den at the house and to be honest it looks better and more cosy that it ever did before. It held all of my half of the stuff from the shared office that you will have seen on Instagram, and for about a week I was stressing out with the fact it was all thrown in the room with no place or organisation. So last Sunday I went through everything, put it all away, moved the entire room around myself and it felt like a huge weight lifted. It is now a cosy quiet place for me to sit and work and my puppy can even sit on the sofa and nap while I do so. 

It's strange that when some things feel like endings, actually they could be other beginnings in disguise. As much as we have to feel our feelings in moments of down time and sadness, we have to try and see the good parts. I have seen so much more of my mum and that time to me is completely invaluable in the sense that I won't ever get these years back, so I want to spend as many with her as I can. You can't put a price on that. Sometimes you just have to sit down and take stock of where you're going, what you've been putting your effort into and why, and potentially where things could do with a little shaking up.

Remember not everything is always as it seems, and sometimes you feel like you can know someone when in actual fact you really don't know what they are thinking at all. All you can do is be the most authentic and honest version of yourself, unfortunately leaving you open and vulnerable. But when the time comes that someone may use that against you, just feel safe in the fact that your honesty is the thing that perhaps made them uncomfortable. Everyone deals with things in different ways and there are no right or wrong ways, it should just be in a way that doesn't hurt those around you. 

So I guess in a way I am reflecting on what has been, thinking what could be and working towards what I want to be. It can take a long time to figure out what actually makes you feel good, and sometimes you just think something makes you feel good rather than it actually doing anything for you. I watch my puppy sit on the cosy chair and stare out the window and wonder what exactly he is thinking or dreaming about. We all have different ideals about what the perfect life is and we have to search for those to be around us that share the same passions. 

What I am wearing:

So this post I can gone for more of a party theme, in the hope that I will actually have somewhere to wear the beautiful dresses shown. I have mostly been living in loungewear but I really do have to make the effort and get dressed because the amount of clothes I own that I have never worn is astonishing (and quite embarrassing). Really must find places to go.... Especially when Femme Luxe have a 2 for £15 Dresses section ......

*Green Satin Dress:

*Brown Satin Corset Dress:

*Black Contour Leggings:

*clothing gifted