Aloe Face Masks

I absolutely love relaxing with a face mask, so when a friend told me about all the amazing Forever Living Aloe products she distributes, I just had to try some! 

Aloe has always been something I knew to be very good for me and extremely healthy. I did not know however that it could make a difference in the form of beauty and lifestyle products! Forever Living is a great brand that help people create networks of little communities that love the products. I was a bit wary to start with because of the price tag, but trust me. This stuffs worth it! 

The face mask consists of two products, the Aloe Activator and Mask powder, which used together, create a rejuvenating face mask that really cleanses your skin. I underestimated how much use you can get out of the tiniest amount of product, so I made a little to much mixture the first time! But luckily I had a friend with me who was trying the mask too that could use up my part. It's quite a watery consistency which is different for a face mask but I liked it, especially when it dries. Its like having immediate botox! My face was all stiff and we were laughing because we looked silly when we talked. But all in all my skin felt really great afterwards. It also contains camomile to add that extra relaxation element. If you're looking for something thats natural and good for your skin, as well as relaxing and knowing your skin is being cleansed, this is the mask for you. I'm using this at least once a week! 

Purchase the product from Karla here: Aloe Inspired
See her Facebook Page here: Forever Aloe Karla

Complimentary product in collaboration with Karla and Forever Living UK