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So i had previously had my lips done at a couple of places in the past (around 2 years ago) and I really wanted them done again. Monika is an amazing SPMU artist in Southampton who tattooed my eyebrows a while back, and I decided to let her inject me some more with some lip fillers! See my journey here... (Warning, may contain some EEK! images but don't be too scared!). 

On Tuesday the 4th of October, I got to go down to Studio29 in East Street, Southampton to seen Monika Rys in her beauty salon. I had previously had my eyebrows tattooed in hair stroke by her when she worked from home a couple of years ago, but since the business has grown and she has learned new techniques and treatments she has now moved to a studio. I was a little nervous about having my lip fillers done again as i remembered they hurt quite a lot but I was mainly excited, as i also remembered how much it can change your whole face. Monika also uses products that aren't used by any other beautician in Southampton and this is really a bonus when choosing who to go to! 

As soon as i got there i felt comfortable and Monika immediately applied the numbing cream which instantly makes your lips tingle! Having a conversation (or trying to) was funny business. The moment my lips were totally numb Mokina prepared the needle and looked at the shape of my lips to make sure it was all going in the right places. The first injection was a shock! It definitely hurt just as much as i remembered and honestly on a scale of 1-10 the pain was about 11.5, but i've never been very good with pain! Saying that though, she worked very very fast and it was all over in a matter of 2-3 minutes which is nothing! She massaged the filler in to make sure it was all even and then told me to stay laying down while she applied some motorising lotion to the lips. She showed me what they looked like and i absolutely loved them! I then went to work .....

That night i could feel them pulsing and I had been warned that they will swell up but I was not expecting then to enlarge so much! Admittedly i had the 'oh no what have i done' feeling most people do after surgery of some sort but actually deep down I knew it would be fine. I text Monika to make sure it was all normal and she assured me that it would be fine. The day after, they were still very swollen and I looked a little silly so i decided to stay home and work in the morning, and ventured out in the afternoon. I might have got a few funny looks but they felt good, they felt BIG! The day after that (so 2 days after in total) I was able to put some lipstick on to cover some of the bruises (which is also totally normal btw) and they were still pretty large but were staring to look normal. About a week after is when they started to really settle in and honestly i could not be happier with how they have turned out. I still feel that they are bigger than before and I can totally tell the difference in a good way when i look at my face! They aren't over the top but you can tell they look fuller! That 3 minutes of pain was totally worth it! 

  • It WILL hurt for the 3 minutes they inject, but it's worth it trust me!
  • Take the next day or at least morning off to stay at home and make sure they go down a bit
  • Don't eat any spicy food and no kissing for around 24-48 hours after
  • If they swell, DON'T PANIC! It's totally normal and only lasts a couple of days
  • They take about 1 week to settle in and around 2 weeks to stay how they will do
  • They last around 6 months so if you are a regular filler-upper, you'll get used to it!
  • Just enjoy them! They can change your face and make you more confident :)

Total Cost for 1ml of Filler = £200

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