Dumpling Dumpling, What Will You Contain?

Meet Vinnie the Van! Also meet Dumpling Dumpling, the home cooked specials of the wonderful couple set up in their West Quay Watermark home. Inspired from the yummy creations on a visit to China, These dumpling are all handmade and filled with a range of sweet and savoury ingredients and healthily steamed for your enjoyment. 

All of the ideas for the fillings and flavourings come from the customers, if you want it, just pop a post it on the board and your creation could appear on the menu. The Flavourboms are served in the new food complex in West Quays Watermark building and I got to make my own! They are pretty difficult to get right so better leave it to the pro's eh?

From Christmas themed flavours to peanut butter and nutella, these are sure to impress. But you'll have to hurry, they are only there until January 23rd! So make sure you get down and try some. Thank you Dumpling Dumpling for letting me try your awesome creations! 

See the website here: http://www.dumplingdumpling.com
Find them on Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/_flavourbombs/
Find them on Twitter: https://twitter.com/_flavourbombs

Complimentary food thanks to everyone at Dumpling Dumpling (including Vinnie)