How To Ensure Success in 2017

So 2016 wasn't the best year for most, including celebrity culture and political decisions, but that's okay because 2017 is a new year and we can focus on how to make this the most productive. I'm here to give my top tips to all of you wanting to make the most of the year, start something new or just get back into the groove of things. Christmas time can throw us all off but now it's late enough into January hopefully we've fully woken up.
1 - Write Down Clear Goals
We all know the terrifying 'Where do you want to be in 5 years' question and truth be told, if we knew what was going to happen it would be extremely boring. Having said that though, having goals set to what you want to achieve is paramount in getting things done. This could be as simple as writing a 'To-Do' list every day and organising them by importance to make sure you get on top of those big frogs. Or you could go all the way and plan your next 5 years and how you can take steps each month to get there. Try it tonight, write a list of those niggling things you need to do tomorrow and trust me it works!
2 - Make Sacrifices
This one is definitely easier said than done and we've all fallen off the wagon at some point. Hell I drink way too much wine at events and regret it the next morning but I blame it on people telling me to enjoy 'work-life' balance (blah blah) whatever that is. But cutting down on nights out and even trading coffee lunches for a salad at my desk has seriously improved my motivation and concentration. Instead of having to pull myself back from a hangover to only do it again 3 days later, I feel on top of things and waaaay more organised. What could you sacrifice that could help you be more productive? Sometimes it's just the small things.
3 - UNDERSTAND Your Finances and Keep On Top Of Them
For many years we probably go blithely unaware, mooching through our bank statements and wondering where all our money goes whilst complaining we can't afford holidays or new cars. The thing I've realised in the last two weeks? After looking at all of my bank statements and sectioning off all the spending, my money is actually dripping out of my account gradually on things I don't even realise like Greggs for lunch or stopping at the shop on the way home. Now I'm way more aware of my spending and am saving for a car, a wardrobe and obviously a designer handbag. So try going through the last 6 months of spending and write it down in sections like travel, rent, monthly food and miscellaneous spending (e.g., Starbucks, Poundland and Greggs) and see where you could cut down to ensure that ski holiday you've always wanted to go on.
4 - Go With Your Gut
This has to be the most important point for me. I've spent the last year turning down everything that came at me because something didn't feel right each time. Deflecting 'you're an idiot' comments from my mum, I stuck to my guns and knew there was something better, and now I have my dream job and couldn't be happier about it. If things are right for you they will always FEEL right, and if they're not then it will make you feel uncomfortable and you'll regret waiting for the perfect opportunity. It can be nerve wracking to make the decisions, but you'll thank yourself when your life is how you want it to be. So just TRUST yourself, and I hope your year is one of those greatly successful ones to remember.