My Favourite Metallics, Shoes!

Im such a magpie when it comes to anything shiny, diamond or designer so it may come as no surprise that metallic shoes are my big new love. I have a few pairs but thought I would show you my favourites because let's face it who doesn't like looking at shoes?!

The first favourite is my loafer-esque silver slippers from Primarni (my posh way of saying Primark) and they are so irresistibly comfy as well as looking like I cared when I got dressed that morning and I've had so many compliments on them I'd happily trade my face for them. I like the fact that they mimic Gucci classic loafers, and my beloved Guccis are still worn just as much, but they are eye catching and just altogether great shoes. 

The second pair is my new River Island silver ankle boots that I managed to grab in the sale. Obviously I didn't need any more pairs of boots but I couldn't resist the shine and perfect high of the ankle. The small heels make them cosy enough to wear everyday or for a day shopping but the silver adds that little bit of luxe.

The third and final favourite is my light gold ballerina pumps that my mum found for me in Primarni (when I had a small disaster and some other shoes fell apart) and I immediately loved them. They started off not to comfy but after I broke them in a few times, they are my classic go-to pair when needing to pair that 'nice top and jeans' with something casual but cute. 

How do you wear your metallic shoes?