EMS Workout Technology with EVO

I know I've been working out a fair amount this year so far and I am trying to get back into it as much as possible. There are so many different options of how to get into shape and loads of different ways to make it feel like you are not working out. I recently got cast to model for EVO, a new innovative way of working out born in Germany and brought to London. Ciaran has now brought it a little more South, covering Crawley, Winchester and other places here. I tried the suit out for the first time during the shoot and thought it was so strange to decided to do a proper workout and see what happened. 

Now I'll say it's definitely not one for the fainthearted and if you normally slack off in a workout (as we all sometimes do) then this will not be one of those times. The EMS suit is put on over the top of black undergarments and there are pads on the inside that are sprayed wet, to help conducts the impulses. The suit then goes on like a vest and smaller bands are attached to your thighs and arms. They are then plugged in with little poppers to the machine and there's a card that records your workouts and the settings that the machine is on. 

It intensifies your workout by so much! A normal workout for me would be between 20-40 minutes depending on how tired I am and how much I want to work out, but a workout with Evo only lasts between 20-25 minutes! The impulses can be on for 4 seconds and off for 4 seconds and the exercises can be done on and off to accompany or constantly depending on which part of the body you are working. This is so great for me as you only need one session a week and then one other gym workout to make you feel great and honestly I can barely walk or lift my arms for like 3-4 days after. 

This is not a sponsored post and I love the sessions and will keep having them so stay tuned on my Instagram for snippets on my story each Sunday. 

Find the Evo Website here: http://evo-training.co.uk
Find the Facebook here: https://www.facebook.com/evopersonaltraining/
And the Instagram here: https://www.instagram.com/evo_personal_training/