Luxury Curries at the Royal Pier

If you've read my blog recently you may have seen this post where I enjoyed a super tasty meal at the Gatehouse Grill, the 1st floor of the Royal Thai Pier. Well this time when I returned, it was Thai food. One of my favourites. We sat in one of the adorable grey booths that are so incredibly comfy, and ordered a bottle of my favourite Malbec wine. Im learning much more about wine recently and I always go on about it but there really is something to it ya'know. 

For startes, we had the duck pancakes to share. Amazing crispy shredded duck with cucumber, spring onion and sauce. I'm sure you've all seen these in a takeaway box but this was way above expectation. Me and mama fully enjoyed devouring these and it's a good thing my Nana wasn't around as she always likes to steal all the meat .....

Then we moved onto mains, and in true mother daughter style we accidentally chose the same dish just in in a variation of sauce and meat. I decided that it was only right to have a curry seeing as I continually fill myself with fish dishes. I chose the Gaeng Phed - a Red Thai Curry with coconut milk, aubergine and basil. My chosen meat was beef, unusual for some but it really worked with the sauce, and sticky rice to accompany. It did come with bamboo shoot but I'm not so much a fan of that if I'm honest so asked for it to be politely taken out. The waitress was very helpful and there was no bamboo in my bowl. 

My mum had the Gaeng Kiew Wan - a Green Thai Curry with the same ingredients as mine, but with bamboo and Chicken as her meat. She also chose a different style of rice as well as you can take your pick of a few different options. I tried some of that one and they were both delicious. The menu had two chillis next to these dishes signifying the spice but I think they are milder than that, so if you are going for one of these two but don't like too much spice, don't be put off, they aren't that bad!

We left the restaurant very very stuffed and even skipped desert! (We had also been out to eat the night before so maybe we are just pansies). I will never tire of Thai food and I have to say Kuti's Royal Thai Pier is setting the super standard for all of the other restaurants in the city. 

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This meal was kindly gifted by Kuti's for the purpose of the review, so thank you very much for such a wonderful night! I have my diners discount card in hand ready for next time.