Summer Style Changes - Ballet Flats

I seem to be going through a little bit of a style phase at the moment, where all of my old clothes are still in my wardrobe (otherwise I wouldn't have any left) but all I actually want to wear is pretty dresses and flared trousers. Taking my inspiration from other bloggers, models and reality celebs (shock) I feel like I'm evolving into a different way of dressing. As well as having to be super professional for work, I also feel like I used to keep a lot of my nice clothes hiden away in my wardrobe because they were in my eyes 'too nice' for daytime wear. But now I think that is the best way to dress because then the chances of feeling underdressed are extremely slim and you always feel ready and confident. 

In the same breath, it's also difficult through this transformation phase as I don't have endless money to go out and buy all the new clothes I want but I want to erase all of the old things clogging up my wardrobe from their space. When I bought my new wardrobe which you can see here I said to myself that it will be a fresh start for me and my clothes. I did go and buy some new shoes and went into somewhere I normally despise. Primark of all places seems to be where I find the most comfortable and wearable shoes. These little ballet flats are so so so comfortable so I just had to get them in both colours, pastel pink and light grey. 

These go perfect with a bardot top or dress and jeans and even though they are comfy they still look smart and very summery. The velvety feel of them makes them look so much nicer as if they were more expensive and they also go super well with floaty summer dresses. I wish I had the money to buy Valentino flats or Chloe sandals but as that is just not going to happen, I am very happy with my little ballet flats as a good way to start my style transition.

These flats were only £6 in Primark and their shoes are so comfy so I would suggest taking a trip!

What will you be wearing this summer and has your style changed?