LOVE ISLAND EXPOSE - My Time in the Casa Amor Villa

So unless you've been living under a rock for the last 4 weeks, you've probably heard of or been obsessed with Love Island. Admittedly I was only in there for roughly two and a half days, but it was one of the best experiences and I had such an amazing time. Not many people can say they were part of such a great thing so I'm super proud I did it! But as much as I loved it, it wasn't what me and the other girls expected so I thought I might as well write about the whole experience and tell you what REALLY happened.

I auditioned to be a part of the show, and got chosen to be one of the 'bombshells' going in at a later time. I knew this would be more difficult as the original cast would form bonds but I was still super excited. After a few weeks of not hearing anything, I suddenly got the call and was given 2 days to prepare before flying out. On the Monday I arrived in Spain and straight away was whisked off to film my intro video (with bad hair and aeroplane eyes!). Then I was taken to do the photoshoot and chaperoned for the rest of the night in a hotel. My phone was taken as soon as I got to the hotel and I didn't have any contact with the outside world from that point onwards! I was aware that there was another girl in my hotel that was also entering the show, but wasn't allowed to see or talk to her. 

The next day I sunbathed and was moved over to a second hotel, while the other girl (who I now know was Amelia) went and filmed her intro video. My chaperone was so lovely and we had fun out for dinner just chatting. The following day was the big one! I was up early to get ready and sent photos to the producers of my outfit choices so they could pick one for my entrance. I then had another chaperone that came and spent some time with me, had lunch, made sure I didn't see Amelia. They have a base where everything goes on behind the scenes, and this is where i went to in the afternoon to get ready, be briefed and have my bags checked ready to go into the villa. 

About 20 minutes before got into the car to head to the villa, I was told by one of the producers what the entrance and situation would be. I found out that there was 4 other girls, a new villa and we were all going in together. I was shocked to say the least!! I had no idea there was so many of us, but was determined to enjoy the experience. 

We entered Casa Amor and got to meet all of the boys and they were excited, shocked and nervous at the same time, I think all of us were! It was difficult to bond with them that night because the situation was such a shake-up but we all agreed sleeping arrangements and decided to sleep it off and have a good full day the next day. 

There are so many things that don't get shown on TV and so so many fun times that we had. Me and Marcel made up a workout circuit and did that together on the grass while Dom sang us a gym song and the girls watched from the pool. 

I had a few good chats with Jonny on our own and a heart to heart with Marcel where he confessed his absolute love for Gabby and got quite emotional. Jonny was pretty quiet and it was clear that he was missing Tyla and spoke about her a lot, but I was really trying to get him to have fun. We were all sat in the bedroom playing games and I got him to do my whole face of makeup which was actually hilarious. We videoed it on the phones we got given and everyone was shouting "Jonnys new career @Jonny_MUA" !!! Parts like that that were genuinely really entertaining weren't shown and I was pretty gutted no one got to see that.

When we won the challenge and had a party, we danced loads and played so many fun games, and I think that was when we all really bonded. We played 'Never Have I Ever' and it was brilliant and ate snacks and joked around as a little mini family. Kem and Chris were always hilarious and Dom was such a sweetheart. All of us girls got on really well too, and we clicked straight away. 

Our pool party went on for so long and Chris had a strong romance with the inflatable Unicorn (called Xavior but Xavi for short). 

The recoupling didn't come as much of a shock and we knew something was around the corner but we had no idea it would be so soon that the majority of us would leave. We bonded with the boys and we only found out that we would be leaving when Caroline came into our villa and told us. Our recoupling wasn't shown and we were all pretty upset when we watched it back to see that none of the nice things the boys said about us when choosing to stick with their girls, was aired. I feel like maybe we didn't really get much of a shot at love at all and had hoped that something else might happen after and that it wouldn't be the end but sadly it was. 

We ended up in the same hotel as the boys that were booted out of the other villa and just decided to have our own fun between us for the last two days of lockdown before we flew home. It was genuinely such a whirlwind experience and I just wish it lasted a little bit longer. I wish everyone else in there the most amazing time and anyone thats coupled on the outside a great future too! 

I think the show this year is a lot more brutal but it's reality TV and we were part of the game! I though this was an interesting take on the major twist on Metro News so had a read if you fancy: